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Online Presence for Small Businesses USA

online presence for small businesses USA

Strong Online Presence for Small Businesses USA for Free 

Creating Online Presence for Small Businesses USA is a necessity in today’s fast paced internet age. If you don’t have a website for your small business, business emails, domain name and a CRM then you may not be able to reach out to the customers who are searching online for a similar business like yours.

Whether you are a local business or you provide services nationwide if you don’t have an online presence and business emails then you would lose business on a daily basis and you might not notice it because until now you have not really experienced the power of digital.

Here’s what you get with Online Presence for Small Businesses USA @ $10/month

  1. Free Dynamic Custom Website (CMS based) – Custom Website Design for your Small Business that reflects your business and brand based on WordPress CMS for easy content updates anywhere, anytime.
  2. Free Optimized Content for Website Pages – Custom Written content for all the pages of your website with optimized keywords for search engines.
  3. Free CLOUD hosting platform – Our CLOUD will host your website and also provide you storage of upto 20 GBs.
  4. Free Business emails (25 users) – Free Business emails setup and integrated with your website so that you can communicate professionally under your company’s name with your prospects and customers.
  5. Free CRM – We also provide you with a Free Customer Relationship Management Software that enables you to manage your prospects, leads, boost sales and close more deals in less time.
  6. Free Online Marketing (Basic) – When you order your website with us we also make sure that it works for you and not just sleeps and so, we do all the optimizations, marketing and SEO for 365 days to ensure that it his visible in search engines and generates leads for you every month.

Get your free business emails setup and running now within minutes and start communication with your prospects and customers professionally under your company’s name or brand name. e.g. [email protected] or [email protected]

Give us a call or fill up the contact form and our CLOUD team will setup your business emails for you.

ADVANTON empowers over 10000 small businesses in USA with Free Website, Free Business emails, Free CRM and Free Online Marketing (basic) to maintain a strong online presence and generate 100% income & leads every month.

  • Online Presence for Small Businesses USA enables small businesses to reach local customers for free

Apart from the above you will also have access to the Backend of your website so that you have full control over it always. Our CLOUD team will manage, monitor and market it all throughout the year to ensure your Small Business grows quickly and generates 100% income like our other 10000 small business customers.

No Contracts – No Credit Card Charging – Simple invoice based payments via PayPal

Get Started now and create online presence for small businesses USA that guarantees 100% income every month and growth. 

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or fill up the Contact Us form

  • 100% verifiable references from our customers and their live websites that generate 100% income for their small businesses across US, Canada and Europe.


  • No need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars anymore for creating online presence for Small businesses USA.


  • Everything in one Online Presence Solution for Small Businesses USA that includes Free Custom Business Website, Free Business emails, CRM software & Free online success marketing for a year. Just $10/month.

Let’s discuss more in detail that why your small business needs a strong online presence?

As a small business owner you cannot ignore the internet as more more than 95% of consumers search online for a local business or for finding a suitable service provider located nearby and if your business does not appear in those search results then you are losing 95% of the potential consumers.

Therefore, having a strong online presence for Small Businesses USA is crucial to growth and revenues. Having a content rich website that reflects your industry and your business makes it easier for the customers to find relevant information about your business, products and services before getting in touch with you directly and a beautiful website with all the relevant information builds a sense of trust among customers which is an important aspect for building a long-term relationship with them so that you can get repeat business.

Online Presence for Small Businesses USA is important for both inbound marketing as well as outbound marketing.

You cannot succeed in today’s time if you do not have web presence or if your business doesn’t have any digital identity such as a domain name, business website, company emails and social media pages. 

How to create online presence for small businesses USA?

The first and foremost is having a Website – Whether you are a small business or a medium enterprise you need to have a website that has all the relevant information about your business, products and services so that it is easier for the customers to get to know about your business. Whether you are an electrician, a contractor, a dentist, a physician, a computer repair shop, an attorney, a law firm or a restaurant – not having information about your business online means potential customers can never be able to discover your business and ultimately you have to depend on your 5% offline or referral customers. 

Having a website is as important as getting your business cards printed and you won’t believe that setting a business website is equally simple and easy nowadays. Read our complete guide on how to create a website to create your own website in few simple steps. Also, there are many Content Management Systems (CMS) such as wordpress, Joomla, Drupal that are free and simple to use to setup a dynamic business website. 

If you are confused about the information and pages that you should have on your business website then it is always a good idea to get some feedback from your existing customers and ask them what they like about your business and try to gather all the relevant information and arrange in one place about your business before setting up a website. You can find more information about the pages that you need to setup on a small business website.

The Second important thing is setting up Business EmailWhen you run a small business or in the process of starting one then communication is the key to succeed and to look professional to your customers and prospects you need business email. E.g. if you have a dental clinic and you send your patient an email about the change in appointment timing from your personal email account on gmail or yahoo or outlook then its confusing and your email may get lost in his/her inbox as your patient won’t get the idea from where it came and who sent it or he/she may delete it without even opening it and so, business email represents your business name and differentiates your from the rest and your patient or customer immediately recognizes your email in his/her inbox. 

So, what’s exactly a business email? 

Business email carries your brand/business name that you have in your domain name. E.g. your website address or your domain name is www.a1dentalclinic.com so, your business email can be like [email protected] or [email protected] or any other that you prefer to setup and that’s exactly what business email is.

The Third important thing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)No matter how beautiful your website looks and it has all the relevant information about your business if customers can’t find your website online then its of no use because it won’t generate business and leads for you. So, in order to appear in search results online you have to focus on optimizing your website for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other. 

In a report it was found that 94% of the consumers search online for making purchase decision so not appearing in search results means you are losing whole lot of potential consumers everyday.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a technique to make any website search engine friendly so that it can appear in search results for particular keywords. No matter what your business is but if you want to grow your business and want to generate a stable income every month from your small business then you should be focusing on SEO.

Also, SEO helps both your website and business in long-term and you don’t have to worry about burning your $$$ on advertising which may or may not yield results but a small investment in search engine optimization every month will go a long way. 

You can start optimizing your website on your own with our simple step-by-step search engine optimization guide

or you can start as beginner with MOZ SEO guide or Start with Google’s Guide to SEO

Setup Social Media PagesSocial Media Presence is equally important for every small business as having an online presence so setting up your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ business is the fourth more important thing. You cannot afford to ignore social presence due to two main reasons: 

  1. Google now counts social signal as a ranking factor 
  2. There are millions of active users every single minute on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram that you can engage with by sharing relevant tips, information, news and images. 

However, it is important to note that for any small business Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are enough to get started by setting up business pages but there are other social networks too such as Linkedin, Instagram, pinterest, foursquare etc. Try to do a little bit of research on what suits best to your business. E.g. if you are small jewelry retailer then sharing images of your products on instagram and pinterest will bring in lot of engagement from the users and potential customers would show interest in your products but if you are a computer repair business then sharing tips about computer repair services, protection from viruses and trojans on facebook and twitter is a good idea.

Web Directory Submissions and Local Citations – Local citations help local business get discovered by local customers. It is very important that you create citations for your local business on various local business directories and web directories to build a strong online presence for small businesses. Citations are nothing but a mention of your business name, phone number and address online. Citations can occur anywhere on the internet such as web directories, business directories and local business directories. It is a way of getting found locally and boosting your local SEO and presence in search results that within  a particular area. Your business listing could appear on a google maps, foursquare or yellow pages for particular keywords related to your local business. Always remember that creating local citations and web directory submission with accurate data makes search engines trust your business listing and your chances of ranking well in local search results increases compared to your competitors.

Online Presence for small businesses USA for just $10/month. World’s most powerful solution in the CLOUD that brings in leads and generates income every month.

Take your small business online today with Advanton’s guaranteed income generation and growth solution which is free and always will be. 


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