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zoho mail for business

ZOHO mail for business and Advanton gives an edge to your Small Business for Free

About ZOHO Mail

Zoho mail is an email service provided by the ZOHO Corporation which is headquarted in California, USA. Zoho mail is a part of ZOHO workplace suite of business applications that run in the CLOUD and enable small businesses to manage their business processes and all day-to-day tasks efficiently. Zoho has over 30 million users worldwide and it competes with Google and Microsoft for the CLOUD based business management applications.

ZOHO mail for business is among the leading hosted email providers, completely ad free, extremely reliable with its state-of-the-art datacenter in California and comes free for upto 25 users. Over 30 million small businesses across the globe use ZOHO mail on a daily basis to communicate professionally with their customers.

Zoho mail for business is free for upto 25 users and setting up ZOHO mail for business is pretty simple.

About Advanton

Advanton is a global leader in Free Online Presence for Small Businesses. We enabled over 10000 small businesses to build a strong online presence with Free small business Website Design, Free Business emails, Free CRM and free online marketing. Advanton is the fastest growing online presence solutions company in the world.

Its mission is to help every small business owner on the planet get online, generate 100% income every month and grow with the help of the internet. All it’s services are free and customers only have to pay $10/month for its CLOUD platform that hosts their website, business mails, CRM and supports online marketing.

Having generated over $15 million in revenues till date for small businesses it has carved a position for itself in the crowded online presence solutions provider space.

ZOHO mail for business configured for free by Advanton

With your Free Small business website design we will also setup ZOHO mail and integrate into your website so that you can communicate professionally with your customers and prospects. You have full admin control over your ZOHO mail business emails and you can create as many users and email ids under your organization as you want. Your business emails will be as per your domain name. e.g. [email protected] , [email protected] or [email protected]

With upto 25 free users free business email accounts you are all set to communicate with your prospects and customers professionally and with a great looking highly optimized website by Advanton your small business will grow in no time. Over 10000 small business customers running on our CLOUD use ZOHO mail everyday and the advantage is that you have one unified platform for your small business that runs your website, business mails and supports all your online marketing needs for 100% income.

Zoho mail for business advantages:

  • Clean and Ad free always
  • Easiest and most reliable email service built in the CLOUD
  • Unlimited storage even for free users
  • Clean and intuitive interfaces
  • All standard email features included plus other next generation features such as attaching files and images from any of your CLOUD storage services such as google drive and drop box.
  • Mobile Apps available for iphone, ipad and Android and work seamlessly across devices
  • Easy to setup with MAC or Android mail or any other web or desktop mail client
  • Integrates with over 750 applications in one click such as google drive, dropbox, docs etc.
  • Email and zoho office together so you can work on documents, spreadsheets, presentations online and share in one click with your staff as well as send to external mails.

With Zoho mail for business you are in complete control of your inbox and other business activities as it provides with apps to manage your business processes and increase productivity. Most of the apps offered by zoho are free for individual users and you can also map your own domain name to setup free business emails. Apart from mail service you can also use Zoho office apps such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentations online similar to office 365 absolutely free. All Zoho apps are completely web based and can be easily integrated with Google Account, google drive, dropbox and with other popular apps as well. 

Compared to Google Apps ZOHO offers a wider portfolio of apps namely Zoho Mail for business, CRM, office suite, recruiter, desk, Cliq and workplace which is a bundle of many different apps into one, all tightly integrated. Similar to Google Apps , ZOHO also offers access to all its services with one single account which means that you signup for one service and the same account can be used for using all the apps based on your requirements. 

It also give you the flexibility to customize the apps as per your business needs to support various business processes. Using zoho creator you can create apps online to simplify your business processes and increase productivity simply by drag and drop options. Zoho has the most compelling set of business apps that are designed keeping in mind individuals and small businesses. 

Being completely CLOUD based you don’t need to worry about the uptime or faults or errors in the system. Your data, account details and information is secure, confidential and you have full control over it all the time. 

It’s completely your choice and depends on your business needs that what kind of business email service you are looking for. With easy integration to over 750 applications on the web, more than 30 million users and a tightly integrated suite of business applications ZOHO mail for business provides an edge over its rivals such as Google Apps and Office 365 for Free.

You can get started with your Free Business emails and we setup for you absolutely free on our CLOUD. 

Give us a call anytime or leave a message using contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

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Start growing your small business within weeks with absolutely free online presence solution by Advanton and free business email setup for professional communication with your customers and prospects. Advanton helps over 10000 small business every month generate fresh leads, 100% income and maintain a strong web presence. Get started for Free now!


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