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A guide to maximize returns on your Augmented Reality investments

A growing number of household-name brands from Volkswagen to Starbucks are building customer engagement through augmented reality. Augmented reality or AR as it is known is a highly effective way to build-in value for customers, and create a connection with them that will give them a reason to return to your store.

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1) Maximize Customer Engagement

Everyone from Ray Ban to Acer has employed AR, but only a few brands are doing it well. One good example of building engagement can be seen in the Domino’s Pizza campaign that encouraged people to scan the deal displayed on billboards and then order a pizza via their mobile app. In that instance AR was used to lead directly to sales. For AR to build engagement it must meet a need that the customer feels. Some fashion brands have understood this and seized on AR as a way of letting customers see what an item of clothing looks like from all angles, before they have to purchase it.

2) Tell the Customer what to Do

Augmented Reality that just looks pretty, but doesn’t lead to sales is ultimately a failure. Make sure that when your customer has finished engaging with your AR presentation that they know what they have to do next. A clear, recognizable call to action is essential for the success of any marketing campaign and that includes AR.

3) Use the Data Bridge

One of the most useful aspects of any digital campaign is that it produces high levels of data which can be analysed. Make sure you store, and then use the data that you collect. With AR you know which customers engaged with your message, how long they engaged for, and whether they went on to purchase from you. This is everything that you need to measure the success of the campaign. Use this data to drive your customer engagement to the next level. Take what you learn here and use it to deliver content which is more personalized and engaging for your customers. With what you learn from AR you can deliver better results on all your future marketing campaigns.

Tip – Integrate for success

By combining Augmented Reality with social networking tools, geo-location and other standalone tools it is possible to build a highly personalized customer experience that can take your customer engagement to the next level.

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