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Create Delighting brand experiences, Bring your Catalogs and Products to life, Deliver the most engaging customer experiences across Mobile devices and Tablets and inspire users to dig deeper into your products and brand by scanning your Products or Catalogues or just about anything you can imagine through our customer engagement acquisition solutions in the CLOUD.

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What are Consumer Engagement Acquisition solutions all about?

We enable your consumers interact and engage with your products/brand on their mobile and smart phones using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology while they are walking down the street, exploring products inside the retail store or checking a magazine advertisement.

Our technology enables you as a retailer to deliver the most engaging real life experiences to the consumers anywhere, any-time and encourage them to make a purchase.

Take the next step, forget traditional Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM) and engage consumers' anywhere, anytime, boost sales, enhance brand value, acquire new customers and build a sense of trust among your customers.

How does the customer engagement acquisition solution work and how do I take advantage of it as a business or a brand owner?

ADVANTON offers two innovative and affordable solutions for customer engagement acquisition.

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Solution 1:

Engage, inform and sell more customer engagement acquisition solution

This solution inspires new customers to engage with the brand whether in-store, on-the-go and even through Print Ads leveraging Augmented Reality. The solution is ideal for customer engagement marketing, enhance brand visibility, turn first time visitors into buyers and gain customer loyalty. It enable brands to encourage new customers try their products and engage them by delivering the content in the most delightful and interactive manner. Consumers would love to experience your brand come alive on their Smart Phones and Tablets, exploring about your product lines, prices, locations, deals & offers and order products through the App. 

  • Engage consumers by delivering the right information in an interactive manner. Engage in-store, on-the-go or extending your Print ads interactivity.
  • Let your brand speak to the consumers, let consumers interact and engage in the most delightful brand experiences on their Mobile Phones or Tablets.
  • First engage, then deliver the right info. and complete the transaction.
  • Leverage Augmented Reality and deliver the most amazing digital experiences to the consumers on Smart-Phones and Tablets, manage relationship across all touch points, leaving the traditional customer relationship management software behind. 
  • Inform about offers, deals, brand's value proposition and sell products directly from the App improving your conversion rates.
  • Takes your customer engagement marketing initiatives to the next level.
  • One solution to extend your brand's interactivity with the consumers whether in-store, on-the-go or Print to improve your sales and increase your market share by improving customer loyalty.

Solution 2:

In-store product info and value creation customer engagement acquisition solution

This solution enable consumers visiting your physical retail store to scan product labels, logos or unique images using their Smartphone or tablets and get a detailed info about a particular product. It enhances customer loyalty by bringing a sense of trust to the consumers for the brand, enables store staff to focus on store activities and stay updated about the new products and features. Consumers get an inside view about the products, brand, availability, prices, discounts and value of the product compared to other products available in-store for the same price. It gives consumers a 360 view of the store, brand and what is available within their budget.

  • Inspire users to know more about the product before buying and let your products/brand speak for itself.
  • Improve loyalty by inspiring trust among consumers.
  • Deliver the info that they are looking for before buying and enable them to engage with the products in-store.
  • Create better value for your consumers by providing the most relevant info about the products displayed in-store.
  • Turn every visitor into a buyer by engaging them in an interactive manner and inspiring trust.

How long does it take to implement the solution and what about the budget?

Development & implementation depends on various factors such as you goals, your vision towards your business & brand and what exactly you want to achieve by leveraging the solution. Our team will implement a strategy based on your goals and develop a solution that promises immediate engagement and ROI.

Similarly, as the development & implementation varies based on the goals that you have, budget also varies.

What about the solution architecture and framework?

  • Our rapid application development methodologies and CCMI 4 compliant project management practices enable us to rapidly develop, deploy and integrate the Mobility solutions for clients.
  • The solution comes with backend capabilities to manage the front-end features of the Mobile App.
  • Integration consulting services available if integration with your existing Enterprise systems is required.
  • Connect Anything architecture for seamless integration with existing inventory management, warehouse management, POS or ERP solutions.
  • .net, SQL server or LAMP based backend architecture framework based on client's needs and requirements.
  • iOS or Android native applications (cross-platform only in case of specific requirement).
  • Enterprise-class capabilities for enabling large retail store or multiple stores.

Customer Engagement Acquisition


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