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Restaurant and Food Chains Solutions for Customer Engagement

Increase sales, generate more revenues, inspire customers to order more, enable them to pay-at-table, shorten bill collection cycle, deliver a delightful dine-in experience to increase customer loyalty and increase your advertising impact through a single mobile app for restaurant.

How ADVANTON helps restaurant and food chains with customer engagement?

ADVANTON engages customers by bringing interactive and real-life experiences to the smartphones and tablets of your dine-in and take-out customers. Our Augmented Reality technology based mobile apps for restaurants enable you as a restaurant owner to engage with your customers in real-time by augmenting your restaurant menu, logos, brochures and print materials. You can engage customers through your restaurant advertising stuff such as food menu, bill board ads, print ads etc.

Our technology also helps you as a restaurant owner to shorten bill collection cycle through pay-at-table service using the app. Your customers can pay directly using the app into your account using, credit card, debit card, paypal or any other service that you want to integrate.


How does all this work and what will be the immediate impact of the solution on my business?

Like you engage in various restaurant advertising activities everyday to boost your sales and reach out to the customers through different channels, our solution enables you to engage customers through print advertising when they dine-in or take out and through bill board ads or advertisements at the bus stops or on the streets.

Simple Steps to Get Started and Start growing your Restaurant and Food chains Revenues

(1) We design your App with your content 

(2) Guests Download the app and point at menu 

(3) Guests Start interacting with the menu 

(4) You will receive weekly analytics reports about most viewed dishes, drinks, videos, most engaging content etc.

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Select the right package that suits you and your budget or give us a call we help you choose the right package!

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You will start experiencing improved customer engagement with your restaurant brand from day one and the interactive experience encourage customers to order more. You will experience an increase in customer engagement by upto 40% and sales by 23% that will grow day-by-day.

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How much does it cost to implement the restaurant and food chains solution and how long it takes?

Budget depends on the goals that you have as part of your restaurant advertising plan to engage customers and increase customer loyalty. To give you a basic idea of the budget about a simple augmented reality application that will augment the food menu and bring dishes to life will cost you $499 one time. Larger applications with engaging features, sophisticated analytics and other customer centric features may cost more but we suggest starting with the basic to analyse the impact of the solution.

Our technical team and domain experts will work closely with you to develop and implement the solution within the period of 4 to 6 weeks but timeline may vary based on size of the application, complexity and goals.

Customer Engagement for Restaurants

  • Engage the dine-in customers at your restaurant in realtime
  • Deliver the most delighting food menu on their mobile/smartphones and tablets
  • Let your customers experience dishes come-to-life on their mobile/smartphones and tablets
  • Deliver the most engaging content when your customers flip across the food menu pages
  • Engage the customers on-the-go through brochures, menu cards, bill board ads
  • Build your brand by augmenting your brand 'Logo'
  • Offer amazing deals, discounts on smartphones and tablets and deliver real-life experiences
  • Enable your customers pay at their table using their smartphones and tablets
  • Reduce your bill collections cycle and save your customers' time
  • Analyze the data collected to identify sales, services, most consumed dishes, what customers are interested in, most scanned dishes and most sold deals

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Call us today or write to us and start growing your revenues for as low as $35/month. Your customers will be delighted and you experience growth in your revenues from day 1. Be a part of our 200+ restaurant customers world-wide.

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