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Satisfy your online and offline customers and increase sales

Automated Phone Support for your customers, built in the cloud for E-commerce websites/portals, retail, logistics and travel companies that costs only $1199 one time.

The future belongs to those companies and businesses that can provide support over the phone to the customers and resolve issues quickly. But traditional phone lines and expensive customer-support software does not offer a reliable solution to the customer support problem for small businesses. Phone lines are expensive; toll-free numbers are heavy on pocket and call-centre softwares do not integrate well with the existing websites/portals or CRM software.

Consulting firm Fifth Quadrant’s research revealed that for 71 percent of consumers, talking with a live agent over the phone was still the top preference, especially for registering complaints (66 percent), making purchases (62 percent), and asking technical questions (70 percent).

Satisfy online and offline customers

So what does this research mean and what can be done in order to operate like a large company and provide delightful customer support over the phone?

Large businesses and companies have resources and money to build large call-centre for providing support to their customers over the phone. They have an edge over small businesses as customers can directly dial the support number to get their issues resolved quickly.

For small businesses and ecommerce websites it is still a challenge to provide phone support or run expensive IVR(interactive voice response) software that can provide automated response to the customers as they are expensive, need resources for proper integration with the websites/portals/databases and continuous support for proper functioning of the system. As the research suggests that 71 percent consumers still prefer to talk with an agent over the phone, small businesses, websites/portals suffer due to the lack of resources and funds.

In order to operate like a large company, small businesses and websites/portals need a solution that can provide a single customer support number and at the same time is capable of handling multiple calls simultaneously, can scale with time, integrates with the e-commerce websites/portals, databases, can provide automated response based on the inputs provided by the callers and affordable to implement.

CLOUD IVR or Phone Support that integrates with open source shopping carts such as Magento, woo commerce, osCommerce, bigCommerce, zencart. Prestashop, MySQL, MS SQL databases and can provide automated response to your customers when they dial the support number displayed your websites/portals.

How does it work and how can I get it integrated into my website/portal or use it as a stand-alone system in my company?

Based on the Twilio voice APIs, Cloud IVR provides a single number that your customers dial when they need any assistance, support or have any order related query, technical issue, need shipment status updates or payment related questions. System asks for account info from the customer such as order id or account id and either provides the automated response by reading the info stored in the database or routes the call to the customer agent based on the input provided by the customer or disconnects the call if account info does not match and if the system fails to verify the account information.

Cloud IVR or Phone Support System can be easily integrated into your ecommerce shopping cart website/portal or MySQL database or MS SQL database by our expert technical team and the phone number can be displayed on your website wherever you want. Our team will then test the system and you have a highly scalable and robust customer support ready.

Delight your customers, increase sales by solving problems of your customers through automated phone support and response.

Some key points to note

  • Cloud IVR is based on open source technologies and can be used with any ecommerce shopping cart such as Magento, Prestashop, woo commerce, bigCommerce, zen cart, MySQL database, MS SQL database etc.
  • Twilio provides APIs to integrate the software with your website/portal or databases and you own all the source code.
  • Cloud IVR is the cheapest and the most reliable solution available for automating customer support and operate like a large company.
  • It can provide automated response to your customers abour orders, shipment status, technical issues and payment related queries reading the database of your website/portal.
  • Can handle multiple calls on a single number simultaneously.
  • Auto attendant to guide your customers through various channels of service your company/organization offers.
  • It can be integrated with your CRM to enable customer support agents have access to the accurate customer data when they attend customer calls.
  • Cheap, reliable and affordable solution for e-commerce websites/portals, small businesses that are growing fast, travel companies, retail businesses.

IVR for customer support

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