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What is Cloud IVR? 

Cloud IVR is a customer support software for ecommerce businesses, websites, portals to provide customer support efficiently and cost effectively.

It is license free, one time investment, integrates with opensource shopping carts such as Magento, osCommerce, woo commerce, prestashop, CRM, databases such as MySQL, MS SQL and provides information to the customers about orders, shipping and technical issues over the phone when they dial the support number.

$29/month – CLOUD setup – Maintenance Free

It provides accurate information stored in the database to the customers over the phone.

It doesn’t require any hardware or phone line to work, it is integrated directly into the website/portal or internal databases of the organization.

Why Cloud IVR is important?

Offering delightful customer support to the customers and resolving complaints quickly on a call turns your first time customers into a loyal customer.

But most of the companies seem to struggle when it comes to implementing the right customer service strategy because of the expensive phone lines, expensive hardware & software and the on-line customer help-desk services have their own integration limitations.

Consulting firm Fifth Quadrant research revealed that for 71 percent of consumers, talking with a live agent over the phone was still the top preference, especially for registering complaints (66 percent), making purchases (62 percent), and asking technical questions (70 percent).

Build Trust among online customers by providing prompt phone support

Well, that’s not surprising because phone support gives a sense of trust & personal service to the online consumers.

Research data also revealed the fact that the companies that have customer support software capable of taking inbound calls were able to resolve 88 percent of the consumer issues in the first attempt, while the percentage for the IVR software (interactive voice response system) was 81 percent.

Cloud IVR software by ADVANTON is the answer to all your customer service problems. It does not require any hardware or phone line to work.

Built on the cloud platform by Twilio, it can handle multiple calls on a single phone number, provides automated support to the callers and resolves queries, provides order information, shipping status and all other information stored in the database based on the customer’s account info.

How much does it cost to implement and what about the application code?

Cloud IVR is cheap, robust and built on the Twilio Cloud platform. It costs US $29/month to use the CLOUD IVR for your website or application and all the integration is handled by our CLOUD team.

The software runs in the CLOUD so you don’t have to worry about the application code, maintenance or any license costs.

Our CLOUD infrastructure is continuously monitored by our team to ensure that our customers can always provide high-quality customer service the end customers over the phone just like larger organizations.

Ecommerce websites and portals can take advantage of the Cloud based IVR that integrates well with the open source web shops such as Magento, oscommerce, prestashop, zen cart, woo commerce and provides a robust customer support for ecommerce business without spending thousands of dollars.

Whether you are looking for free customer support software or call center software to implement your own cost-effective customer support for ecommerce business, ADVANTON’S Cloud IVR is the answer to all your needs.

What Cloud IVR can do?

  • Provide automated response to order related or shipping related issues to your customers reading the database of your website/portal.
  • Can provide billing and technical information to your customers reading the database of your website/portal.
  • Provides shipping information to your customers from your website/portal database.
  • Any other type of information which is available in text format and it will convert it to speech.
  • Handle multiple calls on a single number and route calls to the agents based on the priority or urgency.
  • Auto attendant to guide customers through various channels of the service your company offers.
  • Integration with your existing CRM data to help customer support agents provide the right information to the customers and solve issues quickly.
  • Ideal for ecommerce, retail, travel & tourism, hotel, logistics and educational institutions.

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