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Ecommerce $25/month

Ecommerce Website for Small Businesses $25/month

Advanton Inc. empowers small shop owners, store owners and individuals by providing the right CLOUD tools & technologies to thrive in the ecommerce market with ecommerce $25 per month website.

Our Cloud Platform is highly scalable, secure & faster plus our CLOUD team provides free services to develop, setup and configure your ecommerce website based on leading shopping carts such as Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, oscommerce etc. and you can start selling online domestically or internationally in just few days.

Free online Store Setup + CLOUD Platform + 24×7 support & monitoring = $25/month

Instead of searching for freelancers or agencies that give you sleepless nights and you feel robbed setting up an online store of your dreams, Advanton Inc.’s automated tools and 24×7 services enable you to get started within few hours with your own ecommerce website.

Get started with your own Ecommerce $25 per month Website

You can select the shopping cart of your choice based on your research and our CLOUD experts will take care of the rest. From theme installation to development to your ecommerce website our automated tools and expert CLOUD team will ensure that you are up and running quickly in the CLOUD which is faster than your shared, VPS or dedicated hosting.

We. charge our customers just for the CLOUD platform i.e. $25/month and the rest of the services are absolutely free. We have a dedicated CLOUD team that specializes in infrastructure, Shopping cart hosting, development and setup. Plus our system monitors your websites 24×7 for security threats and uptime. All the security updates, patches and future upgrades are applied automatically by our team to ensure maximum security for your online store.

We call it Managed Ecommerce website CLOUD services that are specially designed for small business owners and individuals to reap the benefits of the online economy.

What are Managed ecommerce $25 per month website CLOUD services by Advanton Inc.?

We provide small business owners with the ability to start selling online on their own branded ecommerce websites and portals built using leading shopping carts such as Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, osCommerce etc. Our CLOUD platform hosts clients’ websites and our expert CLOUD team takes care of the development, setup, configuration etc. for free. Website owners just pay $25/month for our CLOUD platform hosting.

Why CLOUD infrastructure?

As the leading CLOUD company company all our products, tools and services are built in the CLOUD that ensures that your websites, portals, web services etc. are always up and running, faster than shared, VPS or Dedicated hosting, backed up automatically, scales up automatically when the traffic increases and there are no failures even during the peak hours.

What are charges for getting my ecommerce website up and running?

There are no charges, our team will develop, install, setup and configure your ecommerce website based on the shopping cart that you choose such as Magento, woocommerce, Prestashop or any other and setup your Private CLOUD with your domain (existing or new one) and you are ready to sell to the thousands of customers. All you have to pay is $25/month for the CLOUD infrastructure.

Can you provide migration services from one cart to another cart?

Yes, we do help you with smooth migration process from your existing shopping carts and ecommerce website from your existing host to our CLOUD platform. All you need to pay is $25/month.

Learn More about our Managed Magento CLOUD Website Services @ $25/month

Get Started today with your own ecommerce website and start selling online by utilizing our CLOUD – Magento shopping cart, Woocommerce, Prestashop, osCommerce or any other $25/month.

Call: US +1(205)624 7254 | Europe +44(203)514 3291 or leave us a message and one of our CLOUD expert will be in touch with you shortly. Empowering Small businesses!

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