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Advanton Alliance Partners Program

Welcome to our worldwide partnership – reseller program that empowers agencies, companies, marketers and individuals with no knowledge of IT, software and Web to make profits by reselling our CLOUD products and services. 

We are a CLOUD computing company focused on small businesses and individuals to help them get online and build a strong web presence by providing all necessary tools, free website, free online marketing, free business emails and CRM in the CLOUD that enables them to grow quickly and start generating income from their small business.

All our Products & Services are mostly free or cost as low as $5/month and that what sets us apart as a company. We are the leaders in our segment and serve over 10000 small business and individuals every month in over 160 countries.

We are seeking partners from around the world to be a part of our growing network and start making profits within few weeks. We are seeking partners in the following categories:



  • Web Hosting Reller Program -$30 account balance – (Resellers sell at their own prices)








*Please note that all our Products and Services run on our CLOUD and each partner/reseller will be given individual rights to resell our Products & Services in their country or Region. 

Our Alliance Partner Program Benefits

  • Listing on Advanton Website 
  • Your company profile
  • Partner Logo
  • Exposure to our worldwide customer base
  • Resell at your own prices
  • Leads forwarded based on location
  • Mentions in PR and Blog Posts
  • No sales quota or commitments
  • 10% – 20% Profits Share on sales of $10k+ 

Be a part of the world’s leading Small Business CLOUD company and enjoy financial freedom that you always wanted!

Simply, fill up the form or give us a call to get started with partner program:

US +1(205)624 7254 | EUROPE +44(203)514 3291


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