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WordPress $10/month

Free Wordpress Website Development Company

WordPress is an opensource CMS (content management solution) for creating websites for personal and commercial purposes. It is one of the most popular and widely used CMS solution that runs almost 20% of the websites over the internet. WordPress Website Development is extremely easy, flexible and a cheap process as it is free to download and use. As a small business owner you can have a website running on WordPress for free and it also offers extremely powerful SEO (search engine optimization) plugins to help your website rank better in all major search engines. 

WordPress is supported by a large community of web developers and internet enthusiasts so you can expect a solid CMS for building a website which is both user friendly, search engine friendly and zero cost of development.

Absolutely Free WordPress Website Development for Small Business Owners

We provide all the tools, cloud infrastructure and services that you need as a small business owner or an individual to get started with your WordPress CMS based Business website, personal website or WordPress Blog within few hours for just $10/month.

We provide you with your own branded WordPress Website + Cloud Setup for hosting for just $10/month. So all you have to do is just focus on your business and our WordPress CLOUD will take care of your website /blog.

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What is WordPress CLOUD by Advanton Inc.?

We provide small business owners with complete wordpress CMS solution in the CLOUD which means that your wordpress website will be hosted in the cloud and our specialized WordPress team will take care of the wordpress website development, setup, updates etc. for just $10/month.

What are the advantages of our Managed CLOUD services for WordPress?

Our Cloud infrastructure is highly secure, scalable and 10x faster compared to shared or VPS hosting which means your website load times will be much faster. Also, you have pay is for our CLOUD platform $10/month and nothing for WordPress setup or development. Our CLOUD team will take care of your wordpress website development and setup at no extra cost.

You get your very own branded WordPress website/blog with your own domain for just $10/month without any hassles or sleepless nights working with Freelancers or agencies.

What does your WordPress CLOUD infrastructure include?

You get 4 CPU cores, 100 GB disk space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 25 email address.

What are the charges for Managed WordPress CLOUD services?

There are no charges for setting up your wordpress website or development. All we charge is $10/month for our CLOUD platform to host your wordpress website or blog. Our CLOUD team takes care of other aspects such as wordpress development and setup.

If you are a small business owner or an individual looking to setup your WordPress website/blog then Advanton Inc.’s Managed WordPress CLOUD service is best for you that costs only $10/month.

Call us now: US +1(205)624 7254 | EUROPE +44(203)514 3291 or leave a message to get started with your WordPress website in the CLOUD fully managed by expert CLOUD team and WordPress experts @ just $10/month.

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