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Augmented Reality and the Future of Restaurant Marketing

As per the research data revealed by RBC and the NPD Group, there’s a sharp decline in people visiting their favorite restaurants over the last seven years and this decline is over 20%.

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Larger brands that had enough resources and cash had survived by adopting new technologies, implementing new marketing strategies and adding new dishes to the menu to attract food lovers. But smaller brands and individual restaurant owners had to shut down due to decreasing sales and rising operating costs. If numbers are to be believed 80% of the restaurants fail during the first year due to weaker marketing strategies to attract local crowd.

‘Every consumer is now a digital consumer’ and in order to attract the digital consumer, restaurant owners need to adopt new technologies and one such promising technology is the Augmented Reality. Gone are the days when printed flyers and restaurant menus were enough to attract new customers. Today, customers want something more engaging and delightful in order to try out something new and spend on it.

Augmented Reality brings real-life experiences on smart phones and tablets that engages consumers’ on-the-go and opens different marketing channels for the restaurant owners. E.g. a single Augmented Reality mobile app enables a restaurant owner to exploit three different channels of marketing:

  • Print ads in magazines or newspapers
  • Billboard ads
  • Restaurant Menu

Restaurant owners can engage the customers by allowing them to scan the logos, dishes, menus or advertisements in the newspapers, flyers, magazines and the billboards and experience the dishes as well as explore the restaurant itself in reality on their smart phones and tablets and take their experience to the next level.

Augmented Reality mobile app also delights the diners as they could simply scan the food menu and experience the dishes in reality before ordering. Engaging information such as ingredients, kitchen videos, preparation methods etc. can be made available in an interactive manner that takes the diners experience to the next level.

Major food brands from Domino’s Pizza to McDonalds and from KFC to Burger King all are exploring new possibilities with Augmented Reality mobile apps by engaging consumers. Augmented Reality brings immediate consumer engagement by delivering real-life experiences on smart phones and tablets.

At ADVANTON Inc. we help large to mid-sized food chains as well individual restaurant owners to take advantage of this promising technology and maximize consumer engagement to increase profits.

Our Augmented Reality mobile solutions enable restaurant owners to engage with the customers and delight dine-in customers to increase sales and build loyalty. Our commitment to affordability and innovation makes us the number one choice among large to mid-sized food chains and restaurant owners.

You too can take advantage of our Augmented Reality based customer engagement solutions for the restaurant industry that starts for as low as $1199. We suggest starting with smaller investments so that you can measure the impact of the mobile solutions and then move on towards the larger more sophisticated and engaging apps.

Augmented Reality for restaurants

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