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Augmented Reality – a promising technology for retailers and packagers!

Augmented Reality App can equip the packaging industry to gain competitive advantage with its powerful interactive features that engages the smart phone generation by delivering interactive content and a more personalized shopping experience.

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Today’s consumers are smart, tech-savvy and make purchase decisions based on the reviews, price comparisons and discounts.

Technology has played a vital role in making consumers smarter and choosier. As technology is affecting the way consumers make purchasing decisions, retail and packaging industry is facing the challenge of attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones.

In order to engage with the new generation of smart phone users, Consumer Packaging industry is taking advantage of the Augmented Reality App to make product packages come to life on smart phone, engage with the consumers and create loyalty. Click here to check video

Today, consumers depend entirely on their smart phones. For them it is not just another device for making or receiving calls, they rely on their smart devices to take pictures, share content with their loves ones, shop when they want to, play games and read books. Without a smart phone most of them feel lost and get stuck.

Gartner an IT research firm has predicted that smart devices sales such as smart phone and tablets will reach 2 billion by the end of the 2015 and will only grow in the coming years. Considering the number of smart devices and its growth, retailers and packagers cannot afford to ignore the potential of smart phone and tablets in keeping consumers engaged on-the-go.

Though, many retailers complain that because of the internet enabled devices, now consumers visit their stores just to get a feel of the actual product and then they order it online, this is negatively affecting their bottom line and growth.

Retailers and packagers can now equip themselves to stay ahead in the business and engage with the smart phone generation using Augmented Reality App. AR or Augmented Reality App delivers a delightful virtual experience by combining the physical product and packaging with the digital information in an interactive manner.

It adds value to the consumer’s shopping experience and brings a significant positive change in consumer behavior when he/she explore products in-store by adding a sense of personal touch. And when a sense of personal touch is there, it is likely to drive more transactions.

Smart devices penetration in almost every market and their popularity offer a unique opportunity for retailers and packagers to engage with the consumers by delivering rich and interactive experiences going beyond QR codes and bar codes.

Augmented reality app allows packagers to provide a virtual view of the product to the consumers by scanning the physical packaging right at the shelf when they are inside the physical store. This engages consumers in a completely different way and they become interested in making a purchase.

Let’s understand how Augmented Reality App can equip packagers to deliver better experiences:

Suppose, a customer wants to buy a toy for a 3 year old baby, he explores various items at the store and selects a particular toy based on the nice packaging and information mentioned on the box but he cannot get the actual feel of the product and so he feels confused whether to make a purchase or not.

This is where Augmented Reality helps, with AR a customer simply has to scan the box with and the toy will come alive on his smart phone or tablet.

He can view the toy in 2D or 3D format, read the additional information and safety tips and can actually use the toy in a virtual environment and hence there’s no more confusion before making a purchase.

During the whole transaction, customer’s experience has been elevated and this creates a loyal customer. AR enables packagers to deliver experiences that customers want again and again, and this turns into a loyalty.

With the Augmented Reality possibilities are infinite as AR is improving day by day with companies like Qualcomm coming up with more engaging AR technologies such as Vuforia that goes beyond product displays. It allows creating whole new 3D experiences in the form of games and video stories.

How to use Augmented Reality App effectively for customer engagement?

Because the AR technology will continue to become more sophisticated and advanced, here are some tips that allow packagers to leverage AR more effectively in order to win the customers:

  • AR can augment your logos, packages, images and covers. An interactive display for products can be triggered by scanning logos, packages or images on the product boxes. So, always leverage mobile apps that augment your logos or brand identity in order to create awareness.
  • Go for apps that incorporate 3D layered images and deliver 3D experiences when packages are scanned. Click here for sample video
  • Work with specialized firms that deliver robust AR solutions as they understand your needs better and design solutions that deliver the best of the best AR experiences to your customers.
  • Don’t copy your competitors’ app or its features as every AR campaign is for different consumers and goals also differ.

Augmented Reality App

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