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What language to use for Mobile App Development?

As one of the leading enterprise mobile app development company, we are often asked by our clients about the language and platform that we may use to develop the mobile app. So, we thought sharing some knowledge about various languages for developing mobile apps.

AS per the data there are over 650,000 apps for iphone and over 600,000 apps for android that are released by the developers worldwide. If you are looking to develop a mobile app for your business or consulting any mobile app development company then selecting the right programming language based on your requirements and your market segment can play a key role in the success of your mobile app.

Another important aspect is to research or ask your mobile app development company about the cross-platform mobile app development and make sure that you had reviewed the common pitfalls before outsourcing your mobile app development project or starting the development work in-house.

Let’s have a look at various language options available and which suits best as per your business requirements:

The Most Popular among all is Objective CObjective C is the standard for iOS development and all iOS related programming needs. Objective C code is used/written through Apple’s IDE (integrated development environment) called Xcode.

The reason why developers use Objective C for iphone or ipad app development is because it is native to iOS platform and you have access to all standard built in libraries and functions such as camera, GPS, sensors and many others. Objective C also delivers high performance and is the most reliable programming language developed by apple for iOS devices. Programming your apps in Objective C makes them compatible with both iPhone and iPad though you have to make adjustments in screen resolutions and UI to fit various devices.

However, there are some limitations and disadvantages of using Objective C as the native iOS app cannot be used or scaled to other platforms such as Windows or Android. And for this reason cross-platform mobile app development platforms are gaining popularity among developers and companies.

The second most common language is the Javascript along with CSS and HTMLMany cross-platform mobile app development platforms such as PhoneGap allows developers and companies to turn native web apps developed in using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS into native apps such as iPhone and Android. Javascript is the most preferred language among web app developers because of its simplicity, compatibility with all major browsers and embedding capabilities with HTML for front-end UI development.

Since cross-platform mobile app development platforms have resolved the problem of choosing standard languages such as Objective C and Java for Android to develop mobile apps, javascript has become the first choice among mobile app developers and the companies as you can hire and single resource and it can work on both web app and mobile app development tasks.

The other most popular language is Java for Android developmentJust like iPhone and Android devices are equally popular among users and both iPhone and Android devices compete with each other both in terms of number of users and apps. The official language for Android development is Java and large parts of its APIs are called using Java. Native android development is primarily done using Android SDK that provides inbuilt library functions as well as utility functions to the developers.

Again, native android apps have their own compatibility issues as they cannot be used on other iOS or Windows devices. That’s one of the major reasons why developers and companies are opting for cross platform mobile development platforms as it supports writing mobile apps in Javascript, HTML, CSS or any other language of your choice and brings it to the desired mobile OS platform.

Language selection for the mobile app development is the key step in the process of planning to start with the actual development as it can high impact the performance and functionality of your mobile app. Based on your business requirements and market, you must opt for the language that is scalable, simple and secure.

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