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Top Trends in Cloud IVR for Automated Customer Support

Delivering a compelling customer care service experience is the key to achieve loyalty but it is not an easy task. Customer expectations are high and they want to stick to the brand that provides personalized services and top-notch support over the phone without any delays.

IVR is one such technology that enables both online and traditional retailers to deliver the kind of customer support that they value the most in today’s environment, such as personalized service and self-care options.

Cloud IVR for automated customer support

Let’s have a look at the top trends in IVR technology and what’s possible with Cloud IVR solution:

1. Customers find self-service options more convenient as it helps them find answers quickly. Customers feel frustrated if they are put on hold by the system because of one of the reasons such as: customer agents busy on other calls or calls in queue due to the traditional phone line that cannot handle multiple calls on a single number. The whole customer experience is destroyed as customers feel neglected and cheated by the company.

Cloud IVR takes the pain out by automating the customer support processes and extending the customer care service to the phone. Customers dial the support number and IVR provides automated response to the customers about orders, shipment, payments, account info or else routes the calls to the customer support agent if customer wants to speak with the agent. Cloud IVR elevates the customer experience by providing quick response and resolving customer issues quickly.

2. Delivering omni-channel customer care experience is essential to stay ahead in today’s time. Today’s customers want a seamless customer support and quick resolution to their issues. They get frustrated if they have to provide the same information more than once in order to get their issues resolved. Providing customer support using traditional phone lines or legacy call-centre software requires customers to provide their account info, identification numbers or order/shipment id to the legacy system and then to live agents when they expect this information to be readily available with the company as soon as they dial the support number.

Since, Cloud IVR is integrated to the website/portal or CRM or ERP database it has all the customer related information readily available. It matches the customer id or order id just once and then connects the call either to the self-service options or routes the call to live agent. Support agents are fully equipped with all the customer related data automatically by the system before the call is routed to them. Cloud IVR also enables customer interactions through SMS and mobile applications. Using the APIs any SMS gateway or mobile application can be integrated with the Cloud IVR that enables customers to simply send SMS to the system requesting support and then Cloud IVR connects the agent and the customer automatically by initiating a call. The whole process keeps customers more engaged as they get a seamless customer support experience which is far more delighting compared to a traditional phone support or a legacy call-centre.

3. Customers want personalized service experience and Cloud IVR enables companies to deliver compelling experience to the customers. Having all the customer related information in the database makes it possible for the companies to deliver personalized services. Cloud IVR makes it possible for the companies to provide personalized menu options to the customers based on their service preferences and previous issues. Since, Cloud IVR can automatically fetch and read all the customer related information stored in the databases, it provides an opportunity to deliver personalization in prompts and menu options as soon as a customer calls into the IVR.

At ADVANTON Inc., we enable businesses of all sizes to automate customer support processes using the latest Cloud Technologies. Cloud IVR is the cheapest and the most affordable solution available on the market today. You can also operate like a large corporation by spending as low as $1000 – $1500 just one time and provide support to your customers over the phone. It doesn’t require you to have support agents and provides support 24×7. You can handle multiple calls on a single number and deliver a compelling customer service experience to your customers.


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