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Simple Tips for Mobile App developers to secure Mobile Application

Useful tips for mobile app developers to secure mobile application – Mobile security is a primary concern these days with the increased number of mobile users and possible security threats. Nowadays, mobile applications are facing lots of security issues which are related to your personal data and payments that are done using mobile devices.

Mobile app developers and researchers work continuously to find new and innovative solutions everyday to protect your data and personal information but here are few simple tips for the developers to secure mobile apps.

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  • Secure IPC

It is important to ensure that interaction between different components of the mobile application occurs in a secure way. Such as unauthorized access to services, access from unknown gateways should be restricted. This helps to protect valuable information from unauthorized access to your data and makes mobile application trustworthy and reliable.

  • Proper Encryption

Use of encryption may sound like a more generalized term but many times developers ignore it while working on a mobile app development. It is necessary to ensure that your application follows the encryption standards while handling the sensitive information. This ensures maximum security incase hackers get access to a user’s device.

  • Secure network communication

For the security of mobile application it necessary to confirm secure network communication that happens between the web and mobile application. The mobile application developer needs to ensure that communication happens over a secure channel. The mobile application must perform proper SSL pinning to ensure secure communication.

  • Secure data storage

Most of the mobile users save their information on the mobile device, so it’s essential that all the data is stored with secure file permissions and in an encrypted environment. This security measure must apply to all the data, whether it is stored in an application or any external storage. Using secure libraries enables secure encryption and decryption of the data.

  • Binary protection

These days’ attackers can reverse engineer your application no matter which platform you are using for the mobile app development. They can easily access the source code of your application, which might result into disclosure of sensitive information. So it’s crucial to use secure techniques such as obfuscation techniques to make it tough to reverse engineer the mobile app.

Read the above tips for mobile app developers to secure mobile application.

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