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Protecting your Magento Store from getting hacked – best practices for securing your Magento website

All ecommerce websites and online stores are under continuous threat from hackers because of the personal data and payments information it holds for carrying out successful transactions. Although, the shopping cart software or the CMS itself doesn’t process credit or debit card payments but a compromised site might redirect your customers to a false similar looking webpage and collect their payment info or other personal details.

A compromised Magento Website or store can have longterm consequences both on your finances as well as your website’s credibility among your customers.

So what should you do to protect your Magento Website or Store from from hackers?

Although, there is no single way to protect your Magento website or store but taking precautions to ensure maximum security by following the below mentioned steps would help you in making your Magento online  store more secure and hack proof:

Secure Hosting Environment – No Matter how experienced you or your security team is, in taking care of the Magento security vulnerabilities if you do not have a secure hosting environment then you are always at risk of attacks by the hackers and your store is always an easy target. Always check for PCI DSS compliance. 

  • Always go for Dedicated or Private CLOUD hosting to ensure maximum security, faster speed and it also ensures that your environment is not shared with other websites or applications. Always check with your hosting provider that they are running updated versions of the OS on the server. It is highly recommended that you run the entire website over HTTPS using SSL certificate to ensure encryption.
  • Manage files on the server using only secure communications protocol (SSH/SFTP/HTTPS), disabling FTP is recommended.
  • Limited access to cron.php file is recommended. You can restrict the access by IP address.

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Other Advanced Techniques for Securing your Magento Website – Limited access to the Magento Admin is highly recommended. You must limit the access by white listing the IP addresses of each connection authorized to access the Admin panel and Magento Connect downloader.

  • For example, you can make simple modifications to your .htaccess file to protect certain URLs from hackers.

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  • Install new security patches immediately to ensure maximum protection against any security loopholes within the core software.
  • Ensure that the file permissions are set correctly. Core Magento files and directory files should always be set to read only, including app/etc/local.xml
  • Ensure that your files and database are backed up to an external location. You can ask your Hosting provider about automated backup plans included in your hosting plan or not. It is recommended that you test your back up files periodically to ensure that your most recent backup works and can be restored when needed.

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