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How to get free website design, hosting and 100% income for your small business

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As an individual who’s just starting up with a small business or if you already own a small business, you know how important it is to have a web presence and professional looking website in today’s environment. There are many DIY services that allow you to design your own website and then there are freelancers out there that promise you to design your website for few hundred to thousands of dollars but for the 70% of small business owners out there, it is like a complete nightmare.

There are quite a few reasons for this failure:

  • You don’t know whom you are hiring on a freelancing website and whether he/she could really deliver what you are expecting, you blindly decide looking at the reviews.
  • You have to spend extra $$$ on getting the professional content written for your website.
  • You don’t know whether the website is going to be Search Engine friendly or not.
  • You have no idea how to market it and again you have to hire some freelancer or agency for SEO & marketing purposes of your website.

All the above factors together lead to the loss of revenues that you had expected from the internet through your website and ultimately you shut down your plans of growing your business utilizing the web.

So, how you can have a professional looking website for free and put it work for your business and generate 100% income every month?

  • Make a list of your competitors and their websites by doing some research.
  • Find a company that does everything from web design to writing content to marketing.
  • Share your ideas and your expectations from your website with the company that you choose to work with.
  • Go for the CLOUD setup as it is faster, scalable and secure.
  • Discuss your goals about lead generation and revenue generation.
  • Look for a company that does regular updates, fixes and maintenance for free.
  • Choose a monthly plan between $5 – $25 because it is low cost for a small business like yours and in case if you are not satisfied, you can cancel the service anytime.

Don’t wait to get started or hold back because the more you wait the more your competitors get ahead of you in promoting their businesses online.

free online marketing 100% revenue

With Advanton Inc.’s Free Small Business Website Design & Free success online marketing you can generate hundreds of leads every month and on an average our small business customers in over 160 countries generate $1000 – $10,000 each month. We put you ahead of your competition in just few weeks for just $10/month. It’s simple, easy and a unique CLOUD service.

Our CLOUD experts not only design your business website or blog but put it to work for you with our 365 days success marketing program that ensures that your website is found by the customers leading to lead generation and inquiry calls. With every website for just $10/month you get:

  • Free Business emails upto 15
  • Free Marketing for online success
  • Free updates and continuous monitoring
  • Free CLOUD hosting/setup
  • Free fixes and 24×7 support. 


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