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Five ways you can start reusing your old smartphones in a much smarter way

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We all have atleast one smartphone which we no longer want to use because it’s outdated and don’t match our style. Also, there are too many attractive models available on the market at attractive prices offered by various smartphone brands so, who wants to carry the older ones. Some of these are high-end devices, some are mid-range and others are budget offerings. While a majority of these devices are designed in a way that they are capable of running without any issues for 2 to 3 years but just because we all want to have that shiny looking device in our hands, we replace our old devices with the new ones.

But just because we have moved to a shiny new smartphone doesn’t mean that the old one that we had bought 1 year ago or earlier has become useless now. Your old smartphone is still smart enough if you know how to reuse it in a smarter way.

Old smartphone as your IN-CAR Navigation Device (GPS)-You can turn your old smartphone into a windshield mounted GPS device and then you don’t have to worry about mounting your new shiny device on the windshield of your car. You can simply download navigation Apps such as Google Maps or HERE weGO and you are good to go. These apps offer features offline navigation, turn-by-turn voice navigation and also provide you information about the traffic situation.

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Turn your old smartphone into a Wireless Hotspot-In case you don’t always have better internet connectivity on your new devices due to your service provider’s poor coverage then you can have another 3G or 4G sim card from a different operator in your old smartphone and you can enable the wifi hotspot option and you are connected again.

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Use your old Smartphone as a Surveillance Device-You can turn your old smartphone into a Surveillance device by downloading apps such as TinyCam or IP Webcam and you can monitor your home or office. You have access to a live streaming video in your browser and you don’t need to spend on expensive CCTV cameras and digital recorders.

Turn your old Smartphone into a Universal Remote Control-All modern electronic applicance and consumer durable such as TVs, Air conditioners etc. come with a remote control and having a separate remote control for every device seems like not a very good idea. If your old smartphone has an IR blaster then you can turn it into a Universal Remote control for all your electronic devices by simply downloading apps such as Peel Smart Remote or Universal TV Remote and get rid of multiple remote control devices for your electronic appliances.

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Turn your old smartphone into a Digital Phone Frame-We all have pictures of our friends and families that are close to our heart and we spend money on expensive digital photo frames to display them on our office desks or beside. You can easily turn your smart phone into a Digital Photo Frame by simply installing apps such as Digital Photo Frame that are capable of displaying slideshows, animated effects and add sound effects to your images. Isn’t a good use of your old smartphone?

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Give it a try when you are off from work or before you plan to change your existing smartphone with a shinier new device for which you have to spend $$$.

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