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Augmented Reality and the Future of Retail business

Smart Phones and tablets have empowered customers to a great extent when it comes to making decision about purchasing products online or offline or exploring dining options or booking movie tickets. But digital transformation has also increased pressure on the traditional Retailers to align their businesses as per the changing market dynamics.

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Enterprises and business across the globe are investing in different technologies to transform themselves into the next-generation digital entities to engage with consumers and build a loyal customer base. From social media marketing to mobile apps to analytics, enterprises are utilizing various technologies to gain competitive advantage in the digital age.

One such amazing technology that is impacting consumers and their purchasing decisions to a great extent is the Augmented Reality and some of the world’s most popular brands such as Star Bucks, Domino’s pizza, McDonalds to name a few are already exploiting it to drive maximum consumer engagement. The most amazing aspect of the Augmented Reality technology is that it brings immediate engagement and maximum ROI. The other benefits include that Retailers and brands can market themselves by incorporating the AR in mobile apps and utilize various channels of marketing such as Print ads in the newspapers/magazines, flyers, billboard ads and display ads on bus stands or railway stations. A single mobile app is enough to engage with the consumers anywhere, anytime and deliver the most engaging content by bring products alive on the smart phones and tablets.

Let’s understand how AR is changing the traditional Retail business and opening doors to the new opportunities:

Augmented Reality inside Retail Stores to enhance Customer Experience

AR takes customer experience to the next level by bringing products alive on the smart phones and tablets. When customer walks through the doors of the Retail store to explore products, he/she could simply scan the product shelves, or the product labels or the boxes using his/her smart phone or tablet that are AR enabled to view the information related to the product, view the product from different angles in a 3D format and also view product related videos. With AR the possibilities are infinite to engage, inform and inspire the consumers to make a purchase.

Lego, one of the most popular toy brands has introduced AR to allow customers to view the completed models of the puzzles and blocks simply by scanning the boxes.  The immediate impact of this is that customers feel more satisfied with the brand and they feel more confident about their purchase.

In-store AR makes customers more informed, happy and engaged with the brand/products and they are more likely to make a purchase and not just walk out of the store without any purchase.

Location based AR enables Retailers to engage local crowd and close more sales

With more powerful and sophisticated GPS enabled smart phones it is now easier to locate places, stores and restaurants. Location based audience targeting and engagement is not a new concept for Brand owners and marketers but Augmented Reality takes location based targeting and engagement to the next level. Retailers can engage customers by allowing them to scan the location or the street using the camera of their smart phone or tablet and get exact location of the store, deals available in the store and products available even before they step inside the actual store. This inspires the customers to visit, explore and make a purchase.

Many times, pedestrians are not familiar with the streets or the area but they are familiar your brand so, in that case your brand’s location based AR app enables them to locate and reach your store within minutes and make a purchase. You can even enable them to browse through the stocks before they actually walk inside the physical store. Above all, AR makes it possible for retailers to configure the app with the products based on the local crowd’s interest and purchasing habits.

As smart phones and tablets are going to get even more powerful with time, AR will play a vital role in the success of Retail business. AR will be a key technology to engage and acquire new customers and it is now upto the Retailers how they equip themselves with AR to engage with the new age consumers.

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