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10 Reasons to integrate Cloud IVR into your ecommerce website/portal


Interactive Voice Response system is a technology that has been around for over a decade now but Cloud platforms has transformed the IVR technologies and made it extremely affordable for small businesses such as Retail stores, Logistics companies, Travel agencies and ecommerce websites. The advantage of IVR integration with your website/portal is that, it automates the customer support process over the phone and customers feel more satisfied with your product/service.

Cloud IVR integration

1) Automates Self Service over the Phone

Cloud IVR when integrated to the website’s database automates customer support service byproviding automated response to the callers by reading the information directly from the database such as: order information, shipping statues, business hours, billing related info and routes calls to the support agents if needed.

2) Call Routing only if needed

Cloud IVR makes takes out the pain of answering each and every customer call because it provides self-service options to the customers. Information such as account info, order info, billing, shipping statuses etc. are provided automatically by the system. Call is routed to the support agent only if customer chooses to talk with the support agent.

3) Quick Response and Service

Customers feel annoyed when they have to wait and listen to the music waiting for the next available agent. Cloud IVR takes calls and routes them exactly where it needs to go for quick resolution of the customer’s issue. It either route calls to the self-service steps or support agent based on the input gathered from the customer.

 4) Simple Menu Input Options

Cloud IVR makes it easy for callers to input numerical digit(s) by listening to the options to choose from self-service option or customer support agent for getting answers to their queries/issues quickly without waiting compared to traditional phone line support.

5) Personal Touch to the Service

It ensures quality customer support service by tapping directly into the database of the website and sending back responses that are 100% accurate. Having issues resolved quickly over the phone automatically or by talking to a support agent without any delayed response adds a sense of personal touch and care that ensures brand loyalty.

6) 24/7, 365 days support

With Cloud IVR customer support service is always available. No more wait time, delays or limited support only during business hours. Customers are served automatically 24/7 and 365 days a year.

7) CRM integration for extending support

You can empower your customer support agents by integrating your CRM software database to pull all the customer related data available to the agents before attending an incoming call. Support agents no more have to put customers on hold in order to pull the information before answering a query.

8) Operate like a large company

Provide service to the customers like large companies do over the phone. Not only provide great service but appear as a large company with Cloud IVR. It can handle upto 40 calls on a single number, scale as your business grows and efficiently handles each customer call.

9) Costs 80% less compared to a phone line or mobile

It requires no hardware or software to provide customer support over the phone. Just integrate using APIs and a full-fledged customer contact center is ready. Pay as you go and cost as low as $.001/min for inbound calls. API users get a free numbers. Companies only have to bear integration costs as low as $1200 one time.

10) Personalized promotions of your product/service

Greet customer with a beautiful welcome message, play promotional messages about your products or service or inspire them to participate in quick surveys and collect insightful information to personalize your offerings to improve sales or services.

There are many ways in which you can use Cloud IVR to transform your business for being average to great. You too can appear as a large ecommerce or retail company on the market and build a loyal customer base by providing a delightful customer service experience to your customers. It is extremely affordable, reliable and efficient.

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