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jBilling Opensource Billing Software for Telecom & VOIP

jBilling is an enterprise grade open source billing software that is capable of handling millions of invoices and the most complex billing needs for almost every industry where revenue collection depends on timely, accurate and automated billing and invoicing such as Telecom, VOIP, Internet subscriptions, Electronic Payments, Broadband, Internet Services and other internet and e-commerce based businesses.

Free Setup & Customization – $79/month – Your private CLOUD for Jbilling – Maintenance free

jBilling is the world’s leading open source billing software that is built on a robust architecture using Java and MySQL and offers APIs for flexibility to integrate with any existing software, CRM or ERP using any language such as Python, PHP, C#, JAVA, ruby or any other you think is good for you. It is highly flexible and customizable to support your complex billing needs.

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Let’s have a look at some of the stats about jBilling:

  • 120,000 Downloads till date
  • Used in over 150+ Countries
  • 10 Million+ Monthly invoices are generated using jBilling
  • Offers over 1000+ custom plugins for your unique needs

Solve your Complex billing challenges with jBilling open source billing software

jBilling the open source billing software is web based and offers very modern and clean looking UI so that you can work easily and faster at the backend of the system.

jbilling is designed keeping in mind the real-world scenarios and to solve very complex billing needs. The platform’s plug-in architecture, API and highly scalable design makes it highly adaptable within your Enterprise environment where you can easily integrate it with your custom Apps and Enterprise software. It is designed to give you total control of your business; you can innovate faster around new business models by applying various billing methods, procedures and invoicing as per your new revenue models.

Leading Brands that rely on jBilling for their complex billing and invoicing needs

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Advanton Inc. understands your complex billing needs and can help you leverage jBilling open source billing, customize it to your  needs so that your revenue channels are optimized and you collect payments faster.

jBilling open source billing for telecom and VOIP billing is fully integrated and payments can be collected using your choice of Payment Gateway of Partner. 

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