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Your company’s future depends on ‘how well you can provide support’ to your customers?

What most of the startup ecommerce companies, retail stores and logistics companies fail to realize is that there business depends on customers. If customers are satisfied with the service they come back for more or otherwise they will never return.

A recent research done by the consulting firm ‘Fifth Quadrant’ revealed that for 71 percent of the online shoppers still prefers transacting on the websites that provide support over the phone. It is not surprising to see that users feel more secure if they could talk to a customer support agent for getting their issues resolved quickly. Talking to an agent gives a sense of personal touch to the customers and they feel that there’s someone to listen to their issues.

Providing support over the phone is not a new concept but with the changing sentiments of digital customers, companies are finding it difficult to keep customers satisfied by resolving issues quickly over the phone. As the business grows, the number of incoming calls also grows and companies need multiple phone lines to manage the increasing number of calls that burns cash. Setting up call-centers requires expensive hardware and softwares that small businesses cannot afford. Ultimately, companies fail to retain customers due to lousy customer support service.

Automated Customer Support

So what’s the solution to provide seamless support over the phone to the customers and delight them by resolving issues quickly?

Small and mid-sized businesses need a solution that is affordable, scalable and does exactly what customers are looking for!

Cloud IVR is the answer to expensive phone lines, hardware and software. Interactive Voice Response System allows websites/portals, retail companies, travel and logistics companies to automate their customer service and support and so, all the issues of the customers are resolved automatically and all the questions are answered over the phone by the system itself.

IVR is not a new technology but in the Cloud things are far ahead. Powered by the Twilio’s cloud platform that offers APIs to build and integrate a fully automated phone support/call-center setup into the ecommerce website/portal and provides response to the customers based on the information stored in the database of the website/portal by reading the text. It provides information related to orders, shipping statuses, billing issues, account information and all other type of information. Based on the business requirements any type of solution can be built and integrated with the database.

It can also be used by retail stores, travel and logistics companies as a standalone system. It automates the customer support service completely over the phone. No hardware or software is required, just integrate the APIs and start using the system. It can handle upto 40 calls on a single number simultaneously and scales as the business grows.

What type of website/portals and technology does Cloud IVR support and how much does it cost to integrate and setup?

Cloud IVR is extremely efficient and can be quickly integrated with ecommerce websites built using open source shopping carts such as Magento, oscommerce, zencart, Prestashop, woo commerce, bigCommerce, PHP, Python, C#, ASP.NET, Java, Ruby, MySQL, MS SQL and all major languages and databases.

It costs as low as $1200 one time to integrate, customize and setup for ecommerce companies, retail, and logistics and travel businesses. An experienced company with expertise in Twilio APIs can help you with quick and seamless integrations. More sophisticated and complex projects such setting up an entire call center based on Twilio APIs may cost more. Businesses can take advantage of the cloud platform for an affordable cost to automate customer support and delight their customers.

Cloud IVR is the cheapest solution available on the market for delighting your customers using an efficient customer support solution.

Which companies are using the solution and what are the business benefits?

Leading companies such as Home Depot, NORDSTORM, HULU, Salesforce, UBER, Coca Cola and many other notable companies have built and integrated their phone support systems using Cloud IVR and other Twilio APIs. Benefits include:

  • Automated response to the customers over the phone.
  • Provide valuable information to the customers and resolve issues quickly.
  • Empower customer support agents to answer the calls more quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce the number of incoming calls that are routed to the customer support agents.
  • Delight customers by providing seamless support and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Higher customer satisfaction rate, higher sales and maximum ROI.
  • Quick integration with Magento, Prestashop, zencart, oscommerce, bigCommerce, woo commerce and all other major opensource shopping carts.
  • Highly beneficial for ecommerce, retail, travel and logistics companies.
  • Extremely low cost and reliable compared to a traditional phone line or a mobile phone support.

IVR for automating customer support

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