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Why Odoo ERP is an ideal solution for business and manufacturing enterprises that want an affordable but advanced solution for complete business automation

Every business enterprise has its own vision, strategy and goals but what’s common among all is to be able to make profits. But over the last decade business environment became more competitive and fierce that pushed companies to change strategies and find new opportunities to remain profitable. The ones that adopted new technologies to simplify complex business survived while others have to shut down.

ODOO – Your Private CLOUD – $9/user/month – Free Customization as needed

We’ve entered 2016 and everything seems to be moving so fast whether its people or business. Whether it’s a small business enterprise or a large enterprise with globally distributed offices, the need to simplify complex business processes while keeping costs under control is always there and in order to remain profitable, enhancing efficiency is a priority. But when it comes to investing in business management solutions small businesses especially the ones with a smaller budget seem to struggle in finding the right solution. This is where Odoo business management suite fits in since, it is license free, comes with over 4500 business modules that support almost every industry and every kind of business.

Let’s find out what modules Odoo offers and business processes it supports:

Odoo is in use by over 2 million businesses globally as it is flexible, license free and enterprises have to spend quarter of the cost on getting it implemented compared to what they spend on proprietary ERP software from large vendor. Based on open architecture, built on Python and PostgreSQL it is the most robust affordable ERP software available on the market today. That’s one of the reasons why large companies such as Toyota, Hyundai, Danone, Singer to name a few, are using Odoo for their business automation.

Above all, Odoo is mobile enabled, web based and works in a distributed business environment. So, if you have just one office location or multiple locations all your business and data can be managed on single software. You can access your business data anytime, anywhere on your mobile device and stay connected to your business all the time.

Odoo Modules


·        CRM

·        SALES

·        POINT OF SALE


·        SIGN


·        PROJECTS

·        INVENTORY

·        PURCHASE




·        EVENTS

·        SURVEY





·        NOTES

·        DISCUSS



·        EMPLOYEES


·        EXPENSES


·        FLEET

·        TIMESHEET




·        INVOICING



·        E-commerce

·        BLOG

·        SLIDES

·        FORUM

·        LIVE CHAT

Odoo provides electronic banking and invoicing facility to the companies through different modules. You can directly communicate with your banks from within Odoo and send payment orders as well as receive bank statements automatically. It supports CODA (Belgium+Luxemburg), SEPA (New European Standard), BVR/V11/DTA (Switzerland), Check printing (USA), EDI (with SAP).

Odoo is flexible and from Telecom companies to manufacturing giants, it is proving to be an ideal solution. Enterprises spend less time in customization and building new process-specific modules on Odoo to automate their operations.

How to get Odoo and process of Implementation and how much does it cost?

Odoo is license free and can be simple downloaded for use. However, being ERP software it is large in size and need to be properly installed on the servers before you can start using it within your enterprise. It has all the modules that your business demands but every business has its own requirements. So, module customizations are required in order to make it more business friendly and efficient for a particular enterprise.

The advantage is that companies, businesses only have to bear the customization and implementation costs based on their requirements. It’s a onetime investment compared to proprietary software from large vendors that need license renewal year-after-year plus heavy development/customization fee.

Any small enterprise can start with Odoo for $9/user/month in your own Private CLOUD that will have necessary module installations, customizations and implementation. Based on the specific requirements and needs costs may vary and timeline as well.

Process of Implementation

Any ERP project is complex in nature because every enterprise has its own policies, structure, processes and requirements. A pre-engagement analysis is always required in order to understand the existing business processes, prepare documents and project plan. Fig. 1.1 shows project methodology that must be followed for ERP projects.

odoo implementation methodology

Odoo for business enterprises

If you want to automate your business processes and want Odoo implementation for running your business more smoothly and also automate various departments at an extremely affordable price compared to other proprietary software such as SAP or Oracle then Advanton Inc. can help you leverage Odoo ERP.

Call us on +1(205)624 7254, for Europe +44(203)514 3291 or leave us a message. Our client associate will be in touch with you shortly.

$9/user/month – Private CLOUD – Full Customization as Required

Odoo is license free, world’s most powerful ERP software used by global giants and Advanton Inc. successfully implemented Odoo for some of the notable companies in the world. Consider Odoo and see the difference!!




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