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Why large companies are switching to opensource ERP and considering Odoo implementation

Recently the news was out that Toyota (one of the largest car manufacturer in the world) got Odoo implemented for one of its subsidiaries in Europe. Not, only Toyota but other global corporations have also switched to open source business management software due to flexibility and cost benefits.

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Odoo for large companies

But one of the qualities that business community and corporations emphasize on is “business agility” as it matters the most in today’s fast evolving business environment. Corporations have started to recognize the fact that license free, open source software offers better quality, is easy to implement and can be customized as per the business requirements for less cost.

Learn how selecting Odoo as your ERP can save your hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to other proprietary software..

Forrester Research report “Development Landscape: 2013,” figures out the fact that 76% of developers have used open-source technology “at some level,” says Jeffrey Hammond, a Forrester analyst specializing in application development and delivery.

Cost cutting is now a top priority for both small and large companies across the world and business management software like Odoo brings down cost of implementation and IT by upto 70 percent. That’s one of the reasons why over 2 million businesses across the world had considered Odoo implementation.

ERP is the heart of the business enterprises, which rely on them to manage their business processes. That’s why these systems must be highly flexible and agile to be readily adaptable to change. Based on the open architecture written in Python and backed by PostgreSQL, Odoo is highly agile and offers quick modules customization capabilities to support various business processes.

No ERP on the market today offers over 2500 modules for free that supports almost every business industry. Earlier, companies had to bear additional costs of modules customization along with license costs of proprietary softwares. But thanks to open source Odoo, its modules customization brings down the cost of custom development for companies by upto 70 percent. Custom development was one of the pain areas for companies where they had to hire expensive technical resources from large vendors to customize proprietary software after acquiring expensive licenses.

Few advantages of running your business on odoo ERP:

  • Odoo is license free and the only cost that companies have to bear is of implementation, modules customization and testing that saves utpo 70 percent in costs compared to ERP softwares from other global vendors.
  • Offers over 4000 modules that support every type of business, processes and departments.
  • Mobile friendly, apps can be accessed on a Mobile device, tablet or Smart phones.
  • Web based, runs in a distributed environment so you can use a single platform for integrating your offices, warehouses and manufacturing units at multiple locations.
  • Information / data can be accessed anywhere, anytime using internet so you can always stay connected to your business.
  • Automates both internal and external business processes such as Finance, Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Pay-roll, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Distribution and online commerce.
  • Readily adaptable to change and scales along with your business


In today’s time when global economies are hit by recession and slowdown, both small and large enterprises across the world are looking for different ways to cut spending on IT, software, operations and Human Resources, open source software addresses the real business challenges of the enterprises by offering quality, flexibility and continuous business process support at low cost.

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