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Using PHP for your Web Application Development Projects Outsourcing and Its advantages as an Open Source technology

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is designed for web development such as dynamic websites, Content Management System development, shopping cart development and can also be used as a general purpose programming language.  The advantage of PHP is that it can be embedded into the HTML code and can also be used in combination with various client-side scripting languages, web frameworks and web template systems. One of the main reasons why PHP has become so popular for web development across the world is because it can be ported and deployed on almost every operating system and web servers and platform, free of charge.

Websites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and MailChimp use PHP because of its flexibility, Object Oriented development support and high availability of technical resources. Over 80% of the websites on the internet today are being developed in PHP and MySQL database. One of the most popular blogging and Content Management System WordPress is also entirely developed in PHP.

But any simple to use technology that makes your life easier also has its own disadvantages and loopholes and so does the PHP. One of the major concerns when using PHP is of the security of the web application or the website. Outsourcing your PHP development project or CMS development project to a team of novice developers can turn your project into a nightmare because often the security factors when using PHP are neglected by the novice developers or companies because handling PHP and its frameworks require years of expertise and experience in web application security standards.

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Most of the developers do know about common security terms in PHP and web applications such as SQL injection, cross site scripting attacks and Remote file inclusion but they do not have the idea about how to address these issues. The other security issues that are not as common as the ones mentioned above include Session Hijacking, Cross Site Request Forgery and Directory traversal. You can read more about PHP security issues and handling in our next post.

For developing enterprise level web applications and large websites that are database driven, PHP offers various frameworks such as Zend Framework, Symfony, cakePHP, CodeIgnitor and PHP-MVC. These frameworks makes life of a developer easy but the same time novice developers can run your projects into a complete mess by loosely coding your applications using classes and libraries provided by these frameworks for database integrations with the application code. However, selecting and using the right Framework for your PHP web application development such as Zend Framework or cakePHP or CodeIgnitor can make your application robust, more mature and flexible for future modifications and extensions.

Another, benefit of using frameworks for PHP application development is that it makes it easier to tackle SQL injection issues and Cross Site Request Forgery issues. Outsourcing your PHP development project or leaving your PHP project in the hands of an inexperienced company or a group of novice developers for saving few $$$ leads to waste of time, money, an application that you cannot use in the longer run, an application that does not meets the web security standards of the open source community and you cannot imaging of running your business on a mediocre web application.

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