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Top 4 ways to ensure that you get the best results from your ERP system investment

At Advanton Inc. our consultants often get calls from the clients who choose Odoo ERP as their business management software and get it implemented for complete business automation and mostly the calls are about the appreciation of the implementation work performed by our engineers and consultants. But many times we also receive calls from the customers that are not sure about how to get the maximum value from their ERP system.

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So, we thought about writing an entire post highlighting the main points in order to get the best results from your ERP system:

Simplifying and Automating complex ProcessesEnterprise Resource Planning or any business management software is meant to simplify complex business processes by automating the tasks and streamlining the flow of information across various departments but sometimes due to the change in processes or the system becomes too much for the employees to handle at once and that leads to more business disruption that an organization can handle.

Until a new system is fully operational, it is difficult to figure out the best way of running business processes. Employees feel overwhelmed due to increased work load as most of the ERP systems take time to become fully operational after the implementation process.

It is always a good practise to run processes on ERP or business management software once it is fully operational or goes live for the staff/employees as it increases efficiency. You must always check with the employees about the new ERP system and where they feel it needs improvements? This will help you in understanding the processes that seem to take longer in the new ERP or business management software? Your employees are the ones who work on the ERP system most of the time and they can provide insightful information about the improvements that are needed in the system and how they can be achieved.

Also, asking your ERP vendor’s consulting team to come-in once the implementation is over is always a good idea as it will help you in reviewing the new system and the areas that still needed improvement. Make sure that the new ERP system you select is flexible enough to integrate EDI and various consignment carrier gateways as well other applications within the enterprises such as Manufacturing Execution System or a third party CRM.

Gaining Access to the Insightful Information – Getting an enterprise wide ERP system implemented is not just about automating processes to increase efficiency but it is equally important to ensure that you have access to the insightful information anywhere, anytime. Analyze the reporting features of the new system, do they provide you with the information you need and when you need? Is information available to you in the format you prefer? Can you access the same insightful information in the form of reports and charts on your smart phone or tablet?

You must check for the mobile enabled ERP systems such as Odoo ERP as it gives you the ability to access all the data on your smart phones and tablets. Your employees can stay in touch with the customers and suppliers at all times from any location. Mobile enabled ERP system can make a real difference to your business by giving your employees the power and flexibility they need to contribute to the growth of the business.

Engaging your ERP vendor’s analytics team can help you gain competitive advantage by extracting the real useful information from the transactional data. Having dashboards and KPIs available to you in real-time help you understand that impact of your business decisions and the areas that need immediate attention.

Controlling Costs by Understanding Various Costs Involved – One of the most important elements of any ERP system is to control costs by utilizing a common database for production, planning, scheduling and inventory management processes. Also, having a clear picture about the demand and orders-in-hand helps you in optimizing the production schedule that leads to cost savings.

Getting your employees trained on modules such as BOM (Bill of Materials) and inventory management immediately after the new system goes live will help them in calculating accurate cost of production against an order and optimize raw material stock levels as per the demand. Also, it enables employees in building cost analysis models that help in understanding the impact of production of certain category of products on the bottom line as well as the impact of the change in prices of certain products in future.

ERP system such as Odoo allows you to optimize your working costs by forecasting the demand based on the sales history and the current sales trend. You must review the system before selecting and check if the system can accommodate partner portals for better supplier-vendor relationships, integrate bank accounts and provides you with a 360 degree view of your business operations to keep costs under control.

Achieving Maximum ROIThere are different ways through which you can derive maximum value from your ERP system but it is important that you secure a solid ERP system such as Odoo. Why Odoo? It is license free, provides over 4500 modules that supports almost every industry and business type, can work in a distributed business environment, can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud and due to its powerful features and customization flexibility it is used by over 2 million business including global giants such as Hyundai, Danone and Toyota.

In order to realize the maximum returns you must follow these steps:

  • Analyze your business processes and review various ERP vendors and systems.
  • Implement analytics to gain insights from your data.
  • Understand your working costs to keep them under control to ensure positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Get your employees trained on the new system to ensure maximum output from the new ERP software.

Advanton Inc. enables some of the leading companies across the globe to cut costs, improve productivity and enhance efficiency by implementing technology solutions that bring people, processes and information together on a single platform. We have over 50 notable companies as our clients in over 30 countries and over 250 engineers working round the clock to help you achieve maximum from your business. Our services are extremely affordable, process driven and result oriented. Get in touch with us and witness the power and flexibility that Odoo ERP brings to your business. You can be running Odoo and turning your business profitable by enhancing efficiency and productivity for $25/user/month. Yes, world’s most powerful ERP implemented by ADVANTON Inc. for that price to help you stay ahead. 


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