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The future of Telecom billing is here – ADVANTON Inc.

Based on our experience in Telecom billing VOIP billing and convergent charging, our experts have developed an integrated solution for the Telecom companies and VOIP service providers that enable them to bill & charge their customers seamlessly.

$79/month – Your Private CLOUD for Jbilling + ODOO- Maintenance Free

Integrated telecom billing VOIP billing – ODOO jBilling Solution

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Jbilling is a telecom and converged billing application that is in use by some of the leading Telecom and VOIP companies across the globe. The reason why Jbilling is widely used is because of its open architecture based on Java that is platform independent (can run on windows and linux both) and supports almost every relational database system such as MySQL, Postgre, MS SQL server and Oracle.

Jbilling is specifically designed for telecom billing VOIP billing and converged billing; it can handle the most complex billing scenarios with ease and offers features such as:

  • Prepaid billing that is compatible with the Diameter Protocol
  • Advanced rating engine with pricing models and rate cards
  • Pre-configured plug-ins based on the typical telecom implementations

Features of Jbilling Telco edition:

  • Web based UI and web services API
  • Pre-paid billing support
  • Post-paid billing support
  • Fully configurable for custom CDR’s
  • Mediation and Rating of metered usage products
  • Subscriptions Management
  • Customer Management
  • Configurable multi-tax
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Invoice management
  • Event-driven architecture
  • PCI compliant security with encryption
  • Flexible packaging and bundling using business rules
  • Supports complex pricing and item bundling rules
  • Fully customizable based on business scenario and complex billing requirements

Jbilling and ODOO support Voice, Internet, Mobile VAS for Telecom Billing VOIP Billing

By integrating Jbilling with Odoo business management suite ADVANTON Inc. brings the best and the most advanced Telecom Billing and Finance Management Solution to the Telecom billing VOIP billing industry.

With Odoo as a Finance Management Solution integrated with Jbilling it becomes easier for the Telcos to trace payments, keep a track of all paid and unpaid invoices, activate/deactivate orders, and manage customers and subscriptions seamlessly while sending automated reminders to the customers for payments and account notifications.

Odoo also takes control of the incoming payments coming from the various sources such as Credit Cards, Direct debit, third party payment gateway and internet banking.

Features of Odoo:

  • Integrated CRM module – manage customers, sales, subscriptions, promotions and leads
  • Finance Management – manage invoices, track paid and unpaid invoices, Accounting and Taxes
  • Payments – control all payments from various sources such as Credit/debit Crads, Direct Debit, internet banking and other various options, third party payment gateway integrations
  • Fully customizable to support Telecom business processes and products
  • Deliver seamless user experience on the website and portal and allow customers to purchase/sign up for the Telecom products directly
  • Business Intelligence Reports and Dash boards

Client Showcase

Take advantage of the most sophisticated and robust billing + finance management suite for your Telecom company or VOIP business. Manage your customers and subscriptions, track payments and keep track of all the invoices and solve your most complex billing challenges with ADVANTON Inc’s most advanced solution for the Telcos. The solution can also be implemented for the Internet, mobile VAS or VOIP service providers.

Pay $79/month – Your Private CLOUD for Jbilling + ODOO – Maintenance Free

Learn More about jBilling and why it is the world’s most widely used billing software..

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