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Technology investment guide for Restaurant Owners

As a restaurant owner you have a lot to manage on a daily basis in order to keep operating smoothly. You may have the most delighting menu among your peers but in the recent times technology is playing a crucial role in a restaurant’s success and if you’re not investing wisely in technology then the chances are that you’ll be left behind because of the fierce competition in the restaurant industry.

Technology investment for restaurant

Follow our simple guide to understand and invest wisely in technology solutions that you need for your restaurant:

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  • The first and the foremost requirement is an advanced POS (point of sale system). You may be having a POS but in today’s time you need more advanced and powerful system that can do more than handling cash and bills. An advanced POS will provide you with the insightful reports, enable you to run loyal programs and offer instant discount on bills. So, upgrade your legacy POS and invest in a fully integrated restaurant management solution like Odoo Restaurant Management.
  • The second pain area is the restaurant inventory. Inventory management and optimization will help you save tons of cash. A loaf of unused bread or a packet of expired cheese may seem like small but it adds up to those piles of dollars that are just wasted due to poor management and forecasting. Investments in an inventory management system enable you as a restaurant owner to optimize inventory with better forecasting and procurement features that save you over 30% annually.
  • Collaboration and Scheduling Software. Managing labour efficiently in a Restaurant business is essential as it accounts to over 50% of the total sales. An advanced scheduling application enables restaurant owners as well the managers to control labour costs, setup shift schedules, shift trades, manage time off and update important information for the staff in real-time. Scheduling and collaboration modules come pre-loaded in most of the modern restaurant management solution such as Odoo Restaurant Management and POS.
  • Tables Management Application. No one likes to wait for a table at the restaurant, guests look for a delightful experience while sitting inside a restaurant waiting for the food. But many times due to poor arrangement of the restaurant floor guests have to wait for a table and this affects their dine-in experience. Restaurant owners must invest in software applications that allow mapping of the floor on the screen and tables arrangement. Most modern restaurant applications allow tables’ arrangement and management so that you can keep a close eye on the vacant tables and manage guests accordingly.
  • Guests management and Loyalty. Customer loyalty plays a vital role in any Restaurant’s success and delighting diners is the key to gain customer loyalty. Invest in applications that allow various loyalty programs, reward programs and instant discounts on bills. Guest management application enables restaurant owners to send periodic updates to their customers about new menu additions and discounts. It not only helps in keeping your customers informed but also brings them back to your restaurant.

One of the most widely used Restaurant Management Software that is in use by over 100,000 Restaurants is the Odoo Restaurant Management solution. As a Restaurant Owner you too can take advantage of Odoo for transforming your Restaurant into a next-generation technology enabled business that your staff, customers and all the stake-holders love. 

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