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Sales Force management application development for an import company in Europe

The Client

A mid-sized import and trading company based in the European Region

The Business Challenge

Our client is into imports and trading of the essential oils from the south East Asia region. They import over 100k bottles of essential and aromatic oils every 3 months and have a distribution network in over 8 countries of Europe. They were struggling to analyze, track record and manage their sales team network’s daily activities and sales pipeline.



The Solution

Advanton Inc. developed an online sales force management system for the company that enabled the company’s sales managers to assign jobs to the sales associates easily using the easy to access web interfaces of the system. The Zend framework based PHP web application allowed managers to analyze the performance on each assigned sales activity to the sales associates on a daily basis using complex algorithms as well as highlights the priority jobs. The application was developed keeping in mind the productivity factor of the sales team and the application enabled managers to directly mail the distributors and record messages internally to keep a track of the communication with the geographically distributed distribution network. Client was earlier using a legacy sales force management application that does not have any features to communicate directly with the distributors or to manage the supplier network.

The new PHP web application has separate login for each member of the sales force team to view, update and log sales activities and duties on the assigned jobs that further allowed a close collaboration between the sales team. The new web application helped the company in optimizing their sales force by providing a better collaboration and networking platform. With the help of the new application company saved over 25% on travelling allowances by bringing transparency into the sales network and sales associates’ travelling schedules.


Zend, PHP, Jquery, MYSQL, Apache web server

sales force management

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