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Point of Sale Solution (POS) for shops and restaurants in the CLOUD – $15/user/month


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Your Shop/Restaurant POS in the CLOUD – No hardware/software required – Its not just Point of Sale solution, its the World’s most powerful complete shop/restaurant management Solution just $15/user/month – 7 Days Free Trial

Advanton Inc. is committed to its mission of enabling small shops and restaurants across the globe to provide better and delightful customer service to their customers. Point of Sale Solution for shops and restaurants in the CLOUD is on such initiative by Advanton Inc. towards fulfilling its mission. World’s most advanced POS hosted in the CLOUD enables shop managers, owners as well as restaurant managers and owners to bill faster, collect payments even faster, split bills, capture customer data and print receipts using a simple printer. Point of Sale Solution works both online & offline so no more worries about losing the internet connection while you are generating bills and collecting cash. You can easily accept payments by cards or by cash.

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It costs $15/user/month and works with any hardware such as barcode scanners, Monitors & Printers and works across all devices such as PC, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile devices both android and ios. It’s the world’s most powerful POS for shops and restaurants which is beautifully designed keeping in mind the simplicity, user-friendliness and that provides out-of-box functionality. ODOO Point of Sale solution for shops and restaurants is used by over 2 million users due to its fully integrated apps that also address challenges such as inventory management, sales, marketing and e-commerce.

Advanton Inc.’s highly scalable cloud infrastructure enables you to start selling in minutes without any hassles or worries using the ODOO POS for shops and restaurant.

What are the Benefits of using POS – in the CLOUD?

  • No need of any software or hardware
  • Runs in CLOUD so you are fully covered against any damages or losses or system outages issues
  • Fully integrated with inventory, Sales and Accounting modules to fully automate your small business operations
  • Works with any hardware such as monitors, touch screens, printers and barcode scanners
  • Works across all devices such as PC, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Costs $15/user/month
  • Ideal for any shop or restaurant or bar
  • Faster than any other POS solution on the market and offers most advanced features compared to other POS solutions on the market

Unique Features

  • Accept payments by cash, cards or checks or add your own payment method
  • Fully customizable to meet your unique requirements
  • Attach your external payment terminals for credit card and debit card swipes
  • Split bills of a single order between multiple parties and can be paid using separate payment methods
  • Print invoices and receipts
  • Works Online or Offline (automatically synchronizes data when internet connection is back)
  • Allows customer tipping as an added amount or by converting change to the tip.

Unique Checkout features

  • Offer discounts to the customers individually or set percentage based discounts on order amount
  • Customize your receipts and promote your offers, deals or new products in the store
  • You can easily setup your electronic weighing scale with the ODOO POS to allow customers weigh at the counter during checkout
  • Sell from anywhere within the store using tablet or ipad
  • Enable barcode scanning for faster billing with product prices, weight and discounts fully embedded into the POS solution

Shop/Store Management

  • Keep track of all past orders and search by customer, product or cashier or date
  • Keep track of your daily sales and payments and easily verify cash contents at the end of the day
  • Keep an eye on your stock in real-time and manage your inventory across multiple warehouses or locations
  • Securely manage multiple cashier accounts

Restaurant/Food Chain Management

POS for Restaurant

Products Management

Shop/Restaurant Point of Sale

Advanton Inc. helps you with a quick setup of your store and products on the POS so that you can bill faster and become more productive by automating your shop/restaurant management. It costs $15/user/month to take your shop or restaurant to the next level.

Start with your 7 days Free Trial today to test the product and its features by Clicking here or leave a message. Our client relationship executive will be touch with you shortly or call:

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