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Odoo Restaurant Management Software – Empowers you to achieve profitability by delighting customers!

Are you missing what 2 million other businesses are using? Odoo Restaurant management software – License free, simple to use and solves real business problems!

ODOO POS – $9/user/month

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If you are a restaurant owner, you might be using some software for managing your restaurant business & operations or it is possible that you are relying on multiple software for managing various tasks.

Odoo is a fully integrated Restaurant Management Software that is in use by over 2 million companies. It has a powerful mapping engine that helps Restaurant owners to map out the floor layout for better visualization and space management.

Watch the video to see Odoo for Restaurant in Action

With Odoo Restaurant Management software you can be in full control of your business. It completely automates restaurant operations such as:

  • POS (point of sale) accepts cash, credit card and debit card, works with your hardware.
  • Floor Management for better table arrangement and mapping.
  • Kitchen and Bar order printing for orders processing.
  • Registering multiple orders simultaneously.
  • Transferring customer from one table to another.
  • Handling tips
  • Discounts and offers
  • Loyalty Module

POS (point of sale) Restaurant Management Software

A modern, good looking and compatible with any hardware POS to run your bar, bakery and restaurant.

Odoo Restaurant Management Software offers more than just bar, kitchen and restaurant management, it offers over 2500 modules for other back office operations such as accounting, inventory, reporting and sales. It is a web-based solution; it can be connected across multiple chains, so for managing all your restaurants, bars or fast food outlets you just need one single system. It works both online and offline so you don’t have to worry about losing your internet connection while using Odoo. You can run reports and statistics in real-time and take action based on the insights.


Floor visualization feature for better tables’ arrangement

With Odoo restaurant management you can map out the floor of your restaurant on your screen and manage tables seamlessly. With odoo you don’t have to worry about jumping from floor to floor in order to check table’s orders. It will all be in front of your eyes on the screen, the floor management will tell you which tables are occupied, which customer is still waiting for the food and how many tables are vacant.

You may want to run different POS for different floors such as bar and restaurant. You can run different POS for different floors, easily.


Beautiful interfaces that are designed for Productivity and Performance

  • You can split one bill into several and orders can be paid in separate payments. You can collect payments for split orders immediately or save for later.
  • With one click you can send new orders and updates wirelessly to the kitchen or bar as soon as you validate them. The order updates are automatically sent to the correct printer either in kitchen or bar or bakery based on the menu item category.
  • Provide your dine-in customers a delightful experience by improving services. With in-built loyalty management and customer management features you can start offering loyalty rewards and discounts to your customers to create customer loyalty and send periodic updates about new additions to the menu or festival offers.

Sync all your data across multiple restaurants, bars, and bakery or fast food outlets to improve sales, save costs and achieve profitability

Odoo Restaurant Management solution has out-of-the-box functionalities that give you 360 degree view of your business, control cash, and improve sales by strategizing on prices and sending periodic promotional updates to your customers. It helps you in implementing a suitable strategy across all your outlets in a unified manner.

This is not all; you can also use a fully-integrated CRM module to manage customers in a better way

Today, most of the successful businesses have integrated all their customer data into a single system to get a 360 degree view of the customers’ choices, preferences and their eating habits. With Odoo CRM you can integrate all your customer data across various channels to get actionable insights and improve engagement with your customers.

Advanton Inc. enables both single and multi-chain restaurants by implementing Odoo Restaurant Management Solution which is license free, works with any hardware, offers most advanced features for complete business automation and brings huge cost savings. Odoo is license free compared to other proprietary restaurant management software and used by over 2 million businesses in over 170 countries. 

Odoo Restaurant Management Solution

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