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odoo implementation for one of the largest security locks manufacturing company

Business Challenge

Our client is one of the largest security locks manufacturing company in the European region with offices spread all across Europe and warehouses at three different locations due to which keeping track of all the day-to-day operations, tasks, inventory, billing and processing payroll was quite a challenge for the company.

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Odoo for security locks company


The Solution

After analysing the business processes and the gaps in the existing ERP, ADVANTON proposed and implemented odoo ERP customizing modules based on the business processes of the client organization. Customization of modules complemented company’s existing business processes such as billing, inventory management, payroll processing and finance due to which company was able to save 23% on internal expenditures. ADVANTON is in the next phase of the project and helping the client migrate to odoo completely from the legacy ERP system.

The Result

Immediate impact of the new system was that the company gained total control of various departments & operations that were earlier not connected on a single platform. Automation of inventory management, billing, payroll processing and finance management enabled our client to achieve greater transparency in internal operations and become more efficient as an organization. Overall company was able to save 23% annually on internal expenditures that was earlier not possible due to legacy ERP system that was unable to connect to geographically distributed offices.

Technologies & Platform

ODOO ERP, Python, postgresql, symfony for external PHP/MySQL application integrations

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