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Odoo ERP for the furniture & fittings manufacturers and retailers

Furniture & fittings manufacturers and retailers operate in a highly competitive market that has several challenges including rising costs of raw material, challenge to provide finished goods at lower prices while maintaining quality and above all manage inventory to keep costs under control.

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odoo for furniture and fittings companies

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Odoo ERP enables furniture manufacturers and retailers to keep costs under control by automating production processes, optimizing inventory management, automating CRM activities, enabling online invoicing and payments. Odoo brings flexibility to the furniture manufacturers and retailers in managing their product catalogue, expanding business operations and producing better products at lower costs by allowing optimal utilization of the resources. It brings both cost savings and transparency in business operations thereby enhancing the health of the overall business. Let’s have a look at how Odoo ERP helps furniture manufacturers and retailers in transforming their business:

  • Most Advanced Rules Based Product Customization – Odoo offers powerful features that control production of the goods based on the product specifications provided by the customers and enable you to manage production cost effectively, efficiently and utilize the resources optimally. You can also apply rules based product customization option to carry out production on a highly specific Product catalogue. Odoo manufacturing modules are fully integrated to the inventory, production scheduling and BOM that enable you to track daily production, respond to the changes in production schedules, maintain optimal stock levels and procure raw material only when required thereby saving costs.
  • Mobile Enabled CRM – Odoo offers the most advanced and powerful CRM solution that is also fully mobile enabled. It enables you to automate all your sales activities, customer management, respond to leads quickly and generate more sales, manage supplier efficiently and never run out of stock, keep track of your finished stock levels and distribution network. Also, being fully mobile enabled Odoo CRM allows your staff to stay connected to the customers, suppliers and business anywhere, anytime.
  • BOM or Bill of Materials – this feature allows to you to calculate the expected cost of the actual production accurately by utilizing the common database for production, planning and materials procurement. BOM is the basis of your product control, costs and shop floor activities to carry out production efficiently while keeping costs under control. In simple terms, BOM allows you to calculate the actual cost of production by calculating the raw material and production costs before the production is carried out.  
  • Optimize Inventory Management process – Odoo is known for its most advanced Inventory management module that enables you to optimally utilize your stock, keep track of the finished products and provides you with the advanced reporting feature that gives you insights about your inventory utilization trends and forecasting.
  • Powerful Inventory Forecasting – Odoo’s Inventory Forecasting feature also provides you with reports in the form of charts and graphs that help you in understanding the future inventory requirements based on the sales history, products utilization trends and what’s in demand.
  • Material requirements planning – this feature enables you to plan and create realistic purchasing schedules based on the requirements and orders, production and optimize supply transfer activities, maintain optimal stock levels in the warehouse or in a geographically distributed warehouse environment.
  • Odoo Quotations module – allows creating professional quotations with electronic signature and online payments. It allows you to prepare and send quotations to your prospects that are clear, accurate and complete. You also can add product description, images and specifications to the quotations. Preparing quotations with multiple offers for the stocked items or custom made items is easy and fully supported by Odoo.
  • Invoicing made easy – Odoo allows online invoicing that is beneficial to the furniture manufacturers that are involved in online commerce or supply to other major furniture retailers. With Odoo you can set recurring invoices, auto creation of invoices based on the payment schedule and sent directly to the customers email. It allows EDI payments, integration with bank accounts and online payments through all major online payment gateways. Keep track of all unpaid invoices and track your payments in real-time.
  • Fully integrated Analytics and reporting services – it provides you with the insightful information that enables you to make faster decisions that directly impact your sales, customers and help you in improving the overall health of your business.
  • Make ecommerce a reality – Odoo ERP allows you to expand your reach and generate more revenues by enabling you to operate your own ecommerce store to sell directly to the customers and accept payments online while all other business activities are controlled and managed efficiently by the system.  

At ADVANTON Inc. we enable furniture manufacturers and retailers to utilize the power of the world’s most powerful Odoo ERP software which is used by over 2 million companies in over 170 countries due to its flexibility, advanced features and cost benefits. Odoo is license free and used by companies such as Toyota, Hyundai and Singer.  

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