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New Features bring new Possibilities – Odoo Restaurant POS

Odoo POS is already in use by over 2 million businesses for handling daily transactions, bills, cash payments and card swipes because of its business friendly features and open architecture that supports any type of POS hardware such as barcode scanners, printers and remote printers.

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But the new release in 2015 has made Odoo POS even more advanced and sophisticated that offers features that solve real business problems for you or your employees that actually work on the Restaurant Floor or at the Retail Store Counter.

Let’s find out what’s New in the new version?

  • One of the most advanced features that have been added to the new version is the Restaurant Floor/tables management that allows the arrangement of tables on-screen from within the POS as it is arranged in real-life on your Restaurant’s floor. It is fully customizable that allows Restaurant owner/manager to add tables, arrange seating around each table, label it with a color on screen, name it and set the place on screen as it is set in real-life on the Floor.
  • The other ground breaking feature that has been added is the seamless ordering system from within the POS. Now, ordering is even quicker and provides a seamless interface between the hall, kitchen and the bar. So, when you print an order for a table, it is automatically printed for the kitchen staff and the bar (optional) using printers. No more delays, misunderstandings or mistakes in handling orders, all the orders are saved, archived and well understood by the kitchen staff and the bartenders.
  • The other feature that has been added is the ability to split bills. Sometimes each guest at the table wants to pay for his/her order separately and most of the traditional or modern POS system are unable to handle split bills but with Odoo POS it is now possible to split one bill into several and collect payments for each order created separately.
  • Another functionality that has been added is the ability to print a bill before it is paid and it also allows you to seamlessly manage the tips given to the waiters at the table.

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Other features that were added to the new POS

In addition to the Restaurant POS there are some new features that are added to the normal POS for the Retail Stores, Convenience Stores and Departmental Stores that allow businesses to deliver seamless customer services.

  • Fully customizable loyalty programs and reward features integration. Create your own reward system for customers, offer points for visits, spending or on products. Redeemable points system when a certain points are accumulated in a customer’s account.
  • In addition to the Reward points or loyalty programs another feature that allows you to delight customers is to offer discounts on-the-fly. While adding products to the order you can simply place the discounted amount on a particular product simply by clicking the discount button on the screen of your POS.

The most important update that was released in the new version is a great looking POS interface that is beautiful, touch screen friendly and allows generating bills quickly and searching for items categories faster.

Odoo POS promises simplifying complex tasks by offering most modern and business friendly features. Odoo is license free and used by companies like Hyundai, Dandone, WWF, Toyota and Singer.

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