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Managed CLOUD services $25/month by Advanton for Magento website or online store development & hosting

If you are an individual or a small business owner looking forward to start your online store using the Magento opensource shopping cart or you are an existing online store owner and want to migrate to Magento shopping cart then Advanton Inc. has the right CLOUD platform, tools and technologies for you to get started without any hassles for just $25/month.

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Advanton Inc. provides Managed Magento services for small business owners and individuals that include scalable and CLOUD platform especially built for Magento hosting plus free setup & customization of your Magento website. Our CLOUD experts and Magento experts understand what it takes to build successful online ecommerce businesses and they bring you the right set of tools, technologies and platform that enable you to focus on just selling while we manage the entire back-end infrastructure and other technical issues.

Let’s have a look some of the reasons why you should go for Managed Magento services by Advanton Inc.

  • No Fee for Setup & Customization

When you choose Advanton Inc.’s Managed Magento services all you have to pay is $25/month for your own Magento online store. We provide you with the CLOUD infrastructure hosting and take care of your new store development, setup or Migration from another host. All we charge is for our CLOUD hosting i.e. $25/month.

  • Pocket Friendly for individual and small business owners

As an individual or a small business owner running a small shop or a store you may have budget constraints that might holding you back from getting online with your own branded online store but with Advanton Inc.’s Managed Magento services you can get online and start selling for just $25/month and that too on the most reliable & secure CLOUD platform.

  • Hassle Free and no waste of time

Advanton Inc. provides you with all the tools, support and platform to start selling online within 24 to 48 hours. You don’t need any freelancer or agency to develop your Magento website and a web hosting provider to host your website. We have developed automated tools and services that help you get started and start selling utilizing the world’s best shopping cart. Our CLOUD platform experts setup, configure your Magento website in Your Private CLOUD by Advanton Inc.  and 24/7 support for just $25/month.

  • Magento Optimized CLOUD platform

Advanton Inc. offer CLOUD platform that is specially built to host Magento websites and online stores keeping in mind performance, speed and scalability for growing websites with time. Faster speed means better search engine rankings and more sales. When you are running in the CLOUD it means you don’t need to worry about data loss, website outages or performance issues. Your website is always up and running.

Kick-start your Magento website or online store Project with Advanton Inc.’s Managed CLOUD services designed for Magento shopping cart and small business owners @ $25/month. 

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