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Improvements in Magento 2 & Optimizations

Many of our CLOUD customers have been asking us about the Magento shopping cart and why is it better for them to migrate to Magento 2 ? So, we decided to write an entire post on Magento 2 improvements & optimizations and what features it offers:

Magento 2  is built on zend-Framework and runs on PHP 5.3 and MySQL. However, it now also support MS SQL, Oracle and some other databases also which is a good news for the windows hosting platforms.

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Magento 2 has been designed for better Performance – There’s no use of talking about optimizations without improved performance. Magento 2 offers faster page load times compared to Magento 1, thanks to improved indexers. In Magento 2 the performance toolkit has been designed keeping in mind the integrations with Varnish Cache and system performance optimization.

Improved Scalability – In Magento 2 all the static page content is cached which means reduced load on the server and improved performance.

Quick & Easy Upgrade – Earlier upgrading a Magento website was not as easy as compared to Magento 2, thanks to the migration toolkit that offers hassle free and faster upgrade to a new version.

Simple, intuitive and a clean dashboard – Magento 2 offers a cleaner and a simple to use dashboard that isn’t just eye catching but is more streamlined compared to Magento 1.

Better Structure – Magento 2 offers a better core structure and it is now easier for the developers to customize their installs since every module has its own view directory.

New features have been introduced such as Drag and Drop for the product images on product create section in the admin panel.

Prototype jQuery replacements – The prototype jQuery library in Magento 1 has now been replaced and Magento 2 structure now includes jquery 1.7 fully integrated.

Module Dependencies removed – in Magento 1 all core/main modules such as CMS, orders, customer, reports etc. were interrelated and when you disable any of the modules the other module gets affected and Magento 1 always throws an exception that the module you have disabled is dependent to the other module. In Magento 2 the dependencies of the modules have been removed and you can disable any module that you do not need without worrying about your other modules.

Also from the development and customization perspective the developers can now easily make changes to the modules that they want to customize without worrying about the code structure of the other module being affected. Thanks to the improved modular structure of Magento 2 as it reduces the cross-module dependencies.

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