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Human Resources Management Solution for the Saudi Arabian Region (KSA) $9/month/user – Compliant to KSA Labor Laws

human resources management solution saudi arabia

Human Resources Management Solution Saudi Arabia –Leverage the World’s most advanced Human Resources Management Solution Saudi Arabia by ADVANTON Inc. based on ODOO ERP that covers entire HR lifecycle from Recruitment to ESB (End of service benefits) as per the KSA labor laws and gain compliance by automating your organization’s HR processes and also prevent penalties.


             Features of the Human Resources Management Solution Saudi Arabia


Software Interface


English and Arabic


Contact Management


Manage Employee Contacts efficiently and search in one click








Staff Recruitment Process, Job Positions, Interview Process, Document Verification, Short listing, selection, Probation period, Status Alerts/ Notifications, Email Alerts, SMS Alerts, Public Portal, Jobseekers registration, Tracking Application








Employee Master, General Information, Public information, Personal Data, Dependencies & Relations, Contract Type, Flight Ticket Management, Visa Management, English to Hijari date conversion automatically







Integration of Biometric/Fingerprint attendance machine in your company, Timesheet for Payroll Computation, Shift Management, Duty Roaster, Weekoff Management






Annual Leaves based on Employee service, Leave Tracking, Duty Resumption, Multiple Leave types, Leave Management as per KSA Labor Laws








Payroll processing, Pay Slips, Salary Rules, Overtime Management, Special Allowances, GOSI calculations, HRA, Transportation, Deductions. Saudi Payroll as per KSA labor Laws




Employee Self Service



Employee Self Service, Leave Requests, Payslips, Loan Application, Check his/her leave balance. This is for Employee Login purpose only




End of Service



Full & Final Employee Settlements, No Dues Approvals, Assets Status Check. Full & Final settlements as per KSA labor Laws








Visa Expiry, Passport Expiry, Medical Insurance Expiry, Leave Expiry, Iqama Expiry, Late Joining, Status Alerts/Notifications, Email Alerts, SMS Alerts. Alerts 1 Month before the expiry date or 2 weeks before or 10 days before in English and Arabic through SMS & email.

  • Manage Employees
  • Allocations
  • Leaves
  • Expenses
  • Timesheets
  • Appraisals
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll
  • Social Engagements with Employees
  • Integration with your Biometric/Fingerprint Reader/machine

Human Resources employees

Centralize the HR information – Control your Employees and costs. Works seamlessly on Mobile devices and Tablets


Manage Time more efficiently and only pay for hours actually worked.

attendance management

Better Expenses Management means cost savings and benefits for the organization.

expenses management

Recruitment Process Simplified – Hire top talent by setting up job boards and questionnaire. Collect resumes, documents directly into the system, archive and set probation period for new employees upto 180 days as per Saudi Arabian (KSA) labor laws.


Go Mobile and allow your Employees to sign-in and sign-out of the timesheets, update leave requests and access their attendance histories on their iPhone and iPads.


Fully Integrated System – Bring all your HR activities on a centralized application and remove multiple applications. More productive, error free working environment and cost savings by efficiently managing all employee related information and tasks on a daily basis.

How does Human Resources Management Solution Saudi Arabia help customers that operate in the KSA region ?

  • Core human resources management solution Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabian payroll as per KSA laws
  • Deliver flexible and efficient global HR processes as per Saudi labor laws and meets compliance.
  • Efficient Time and attendance management
  • Optimize the deployment and utilization of each employee’s working time.
  • -30% in Employee costs with company-wide visibility of available workforce and gaps.
  • +22% increase in revenue per worker.

What are the benefits of the Human Resources Management Solution Saudi Arabia?

ADVANTON Inc.’s solution help you stay compliant with local Saudi Arabian (KSA) labor laws and make your HR processes more efficient and productive. They are simple to use and run, and they make it simpler for HR to stay productive and the entire organization to succeed. With Our solution, organizations gain:


  • Better compliance to local laws and process support across the total workforce
  • More efficient and flexible HR service delivery
  • Simpler and faster Payroll processing
  • Improved workforce readiness to meet the business challenges anytime
  • Better alignment of HR strategies with business goals
  • Maximized support for how people work

How Advanton Inc. brings transformation to your HR department in Saudi Arabia?

Advanton Inc. works closely with your organization’s HR department and it’s team members to customize the payroll processes, salary slips structure and other processes in the Core HR module as per your organization’s HR policies and in compliance to the local labor laws. 

ADVANTON Inc. automates your HR processes and allows you to focus more on your core activities while leaving complex calculations to the ODOO HR Module as per the KSA labor laws. Let’s have a look at some examples:

Let’s calculate GOSI & ESB…?

GOSI calculation as per KSA labor laws


Factors that affects the ESB Calculation.

The contract duration of the employee and the end of service status affect the calculation of ESB just like the salary itself. As we see in this case below the contract duration of Imran is 5 Years and 6 Months and the End of service status is Termination.

ESB calculation as per KSA labor laws



$9/user/month | Your Organization’s Private Cloud 

Automate HR Processes | Become Compliant to Saudi Labor Laws | Prevent Penalties

Contact us today or leave a message and one of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly.


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