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How to perform Employees Evaluations and Appraisals with Odoo Module for the Human Resources Department

Productive employees contribute to a company’s growth and for companies to retain the best employees has always been a challenge. Odoo/OpenERP employees’ evaluation and appraisals module enables Human Resources department of the company to evaluate the performance of the employees periodically following a pre-defined step-by-step process as you assign for each employee into the Odoo/OpenER business management software.

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The Odoo/OpenERP employees’ evaluation and appraisals module works in synchronization with the Odoo/OpenERP Human Resources management module and allows companies to implement a motivational process by assessing each employee’s performance in a periodic manner. It brings unmatched benefits to the Human Resources department of the company to monitor and assess the productivity of the work force.

Odoo Module Employees

The module allows the HR manager or the company’s management to assign evaluation plan for each employee. These plans define the way you assess and manage personal evaluations for each individual employee and enable you to keep a track of the performance. The module allows you to define evaluation steps and attach interview forms with each step.

The Odoo/OpenERP employees’ evaluation module allows you to manage various types of evaluations: Bottom-up, top-down, self-evaluations and the final evaluation by the manager.

Let’s have a look at the Key Features of the Employees evaluation and appraisal module in Odoo/OpenERP business management software:

  • Allows you to create employees’ evaluations step-by-step.
  • Evaluation process can be defined by an individual employee for his subordinates, junior staff members or the managers.
  • The evaluation is done according to pre-defined steps and plan that a manager or the HR staff member creates for gathering the input. It can be in the form of surveys and each survey can be answered by a particular level in the employees’ hierarchy and the final evaluation is carried out by the manager or the management member who assigned the evaluation process.
  • Evaluation forms or surveys or interview questions filled by the employees can be viewed in the PDF format.
  • Evaluation interview requests are initiated/generated automatically by the Odoo/OpenERP module as per the employees evaluation plans and each employee receives an automated email and requests to perform evaluation of their subordinates, juniors or colleagues.
  • Odoo Module for employees’ evaluation and appraisals completely syncs with the Human Resources Management Module.

Odoo module employees appraisals

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