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How to make your manufacturing business more efficient

Manufacturing sector across the globe is under constant pressure due to global slowdown and rising costs of labour and raw material. In order to maintain a steady growth while managing costs efficiently it becomes important to reduce inefficiencies in the whole manufacturing process from beginning to end.

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Manufacturing efficiency

Having access to the right information is crucial to optimizing business processes and this can be achieved through modern business management software or ERP system that enables manufacturers to highlight areas that need improvement or immediate attention.

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Let’s have a look at how manufacturers can become more efficient by paying attention to the common pain areas:

Keep an eye at your Stock levels: Every manufacturing business requires raw material and not keeping track of your inventory leads to either shortage or sometimes over stocking. In both the scenarios your bottom line gets affected negatively and you lose money. Always ensure that you maintain adequate stock levels to meet the demand of your customers whether you are into bespoke production or job work related manufacturing.

Re-evaluate your production process: Keeping your production line under control is the key to improve output and the final product. Analyzing your production process from order taking to delivery can help you identify the loop holes through the entire process and you can make modifications to fill the gaps for increased efficiency.

Production Scheduling: Most of the time manufacturers face difficulties in efficiently running production line because of the lack of proper production schedules and urgent often orders get delayed. Implementing scheduling software can give you a 360 degree view of your orders; prioritize urgent orders for earliest production thereby making your production process more efficient.

Allocation of Resources: Often manufacturers fail to allocate enough resources such as labour and machinery to carry out production efficiently. This mainly happens due to the lack of insightful information related to the scale of a particular order, available resources to carry out the production and available stock of the raw material. Implementing an ERP system can help you in allocating the available resources optimally by automating the assignment of jobs to the related workers, giving you insights about the available machinery and equipments and you can prepare a better production plan.

Legacy ERP or Business Management Software: If you are still relying on your old desktop based inventory or accounting software then it is time to move to a web based or a cloud based ERP software. Legacy ERP systems were designed to upload, store and retrieve the information but you cannot stay connected to the business data from a remote location. Migrating to modern ERP or business management software gives you the following advantages:

  • Automates production processes for better productivity by tightly integrating departments such as planning, inventory, projects, production, quality, accounting and human resources.
  • Ensures that everyone within the enterprise works to the same standards and delivers the same level of services.
  • Ensures optimal utilization of the resources that leads to savings.
  • Automates repetitive tasks such as manual counting of the produced items, logging serial numbers of the final produced items and generating barcodes.
  • Ensures that your daily expenditures remain within the available budget preventing unnecessary spending.
  • Reduces work load by automating manual processes so your staff can have more time to focus on constructive work.

Every manufacturing business is different in nature and has its own pain areas. Above mentioned steps are general and apply to the common problems of the manufacturing business. Before making any changes to your production process, you must analyse the loop holes in your process and then move forward. Before purchasing any ERP or business management software it is advisable to consider different options available on the market and what suits your budget. You must not go for the implementation because your competitor is using ERP for business automation.

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