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How Odoo ERP helps Logistics companies save costs on their daily operations?

ODOO Fleet Management software for Logistics Companies – Odoo simplifies complex tasks such as vehicles management, GPS tracking, costs management, insurances and assignments by integrating these processes together into a one single platform. Companies have access to all the vehicles, business and insurance related data under one single window.

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Simplified Fleet Managementodoo fleet management software for logistics companies

With Odoo’s smart app you can keep a close eye on your vehicles and manage all the vehicle related information in few clicks. Whether it’s about managing fuel log entries, costs of transportation or tracking the location of different vehicles, Odoo offers comprehensive features to simplify such daily tasks. Your fleet of vehicles will be in total control with Odoo fleet management module.

ODOO Fleet Management software for Logistics companies to save costs

Manage Leasing and other contracts without pain


Fully automate contracts for all your vehicles, receive alert emails when contract are about to reach expiration. Comprehensive set of features to remember, renew or end contracts on time and when needed, ease of communication with the qualified service providers and manage invoices. Most advanced business friendly features that allow setting up vehicle policy within the company and insurance policies to efficiently manage fleet of vehicles.

Keep track of all the costs, monitor and control at once


Easily identify the running costs and money spent on each vehicle in the fleet by your company. Automation of complex tasks becomes easier with Odoo such as recurring costs of leasing contracts and services contracts are automatically added to the accounting at the beginning of each period of frequency specified in the contracts. All other costs such as maintenance, repairs and fuel costs are added automatically to the reports.

Monitor fuel consumption by recording every refill for each vehicle to control costs and you can also link each vehicle to a specific fuel card to record transactions automatically. Odoo fleet management automates the day to day logistics activities such as recording odometer readings to keep a track of the mileage of each vehicle and helping you save on fuel costs. 

Vehicle Tracking – Google Maps integration

Flexibility of integrating Google Maps with the Fleet Management Module enables Logistics & Transportation companies to:

  • Identify the location of the vehicle(s)
  • Trace the route of the vehicle(s)
  • Locate Directions
  • Identify the distances
  • Replay various route(s)
  • Get fuel indications and many other vehicle related information

Cost Analysis and Robust reporting features


Get an insight into the costs related to each vehicle or service. Compare various types of costs such as vehicle related costs, which vehicle burnt the most cash and which service returned the maximum benefits. Understand, analyze and improve your future investments on vehicles and services by getting the really helpful insights related to your fleet of vehicles and maximize ROI.

Odoo fleet management software for logistics companies is tightly integrated to Odoo accounting and Odoo HR modules and fuel costs can be taken into account as employee expenses when managing employees using the Odoo HR module.

Also, every record in the Odoo fleet management is automatically recorded in Odoo accounting report for forecasting expenses.

You too can take advantage of Odoo fleet management software for logistics companies to solve your logistics business problems.

odoo implementation is extremely affordable, reliable and it is the world’s most widely used business management software. 

odoo for logistics companies

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