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How Mobile Enabled ERP software helps organizations become more Flexible

Every enterprise today relies on some kind of business management software to manage operations, business processes and finances. This is one of the major reasons why Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP has taken the manufacturing industry by storm. In the recent years we’ve seen huge investments by both mid-sized and large companies in ERP software to automate business processes and enhance efficiency.

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Mobile enabled ERP

Fifteen years ago, it would have been tough to imagine that it would be possible to connect to the corporate network using mobile devices or access the business data on smart phones anytime, anywhere. But today it is a reality and more and more businesses are adopting mobile enabled ERP systems to enable their employees stay connected to business whether they are on a business trip or on a vacation.

According to the Gartner’s research data, by 2016, over 60 percent of workers worldwide will use smart phones to access information related to their workplaces by connecting to the corporate networks. This shows the growing importance of mobility in the enterprise space.

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Let’s have a look at how mobile enabled ERP systems add value to your business:

Mobile enabled ERP systems enable enterprises to become more flexible and agile as information is available anytime, anywhere on tablets and smart phones. It enhances productivity, flow of information across the enterprise, keeps the workforce updated and allows better data capture. It not only helps enterprises gain competitive advantage but also provides the following advantages:

Helps improve quality of service – Having access to the accurate information on mobile devices allows employees to stay productive at all times without missing the important tasks. Employees are able to deliver better services to the end customers by having access to the relevant information on their tablets and mobile phones.

Enhances Productivity – Industries that rely on field workers such as sales, distribution, repair, transportation and maintenance lose both time and money in utilizing the resources optimally. Mobile ERP allows companies to update, assign and create job duties on-the-go for the field workers without wasting any time and money in travelling unnecessarily. This ensures optimal utilization of the resources and savings on fuel and travel costs.

Access to the accurate information 24X7– Information is vital in order to gain competitive advantage and having access to all the business related data on mobile phones and tablets enable your employees to stay updated at all times and make faster business decisions that can make huge difference to your business.

Helps build stronger business relationships – Having accurate information available at a click of a button enable mobile workers to respond quickly to customer complaints and resolve issues efficiently without any delays. This enhances customer experience and help organizations to deepen their relationships with the customers.

Helps organizations gain competitive advantage – Mobile enabled ERP system ensures that employees have access to the information in real-time that leads to competitive advantage by enabling them to implement goal specific strategies quickly.

Faster and Accurate Data Capture – Mobile enabled ERP systems enables field workers to enter all the relevant data into the system, as they gather it at a remote location. It reduces their workload as they don’t have to re-enter all the data into the system sitting on their desktops or Laptops. Re-entering sometimes lead to errors and it is also a complete waste of time which is no more required when using a Mobile ERP system.

Mobile enabled ERP systems deliver the same level of efficiency on smart phones and tablets as they do on the PCs and laptops while sitting in the office. Your employees can take advantage of the Mobile ERP as it delivers better data capture functionality, generating invoices on-the-go, closing complaints in real-time and creating material procurement requirements for the suppliers anytime, anywhere. Mobile enabled ERP makes your organization more flexible by tightly integrating the customer facing business processes and making the field work force more productive.


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