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How Cloud technologies and Odoo ERP implementation are driving growth for businesses at 80% lower cost?

Adoption of open source technology solutions by large companies is on the rise because of the two main reasons: a) Upto 70% cost savings b) Flexible to customize

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Odoo custom module and IVR

Technologies such as Cloud computing have made it possible for both small and large businesses to become more efficient by spending 80% less compared to proprietary software and hardware for managing business processes. Gone are the days, when companies had to rely on expensive telephone lines and call centre setup in order to handle customer calls and provide support. Systems such as Cloud IVR and Cloud based marketing solutions are enabling both small and large companies to become more customer-centric and increase sales.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in the Cloud enables almost every type of company whether ecommerce, retail, travel or logistics to automate customer support service and provide information over the phone to the customers. It results in higher customer satisfaction rate at 70% low costs compared to a traditional phone line or a call center setup.

Cloud IVR is an ideal solution for ecommerce websites/portals whether small or large to enable customer support service over the phone. It is based on the Twilio cloud communications platform that offers APIs to build and integrate scalable phone support systems that can provide automated response to the customers when they call, reading the information from the database of the website/portal such as shipping status, order info, account related info, billing issues etc.  Ecommerce companies can have the solution integrated for as low as $500 – $1200 and take advantage of the technology. The benefits include:

  • One time investment as low as $500 – $1200 and solution will work forever.
  • Handle upto 40 incoming calls on a single phone number.
  • Provide automated response to the customers about Orders, shipping status, billing info, store hours, account related information.
  • Route calls to the customer support agents only when needed.
  • Resolve customer issues quickly and provide automated response.
  • Greet customer when they call and run marketing campaigns.
  • Integrate with your Magento, woo commerce, Oscommerce, bigCommerce, zencart and prestashop shopping carts.
  • Integrate with standalone applications running MySQL, SQL server, postgreSQl or oracle database.
  • Can be quickly integrated using PHP, Python, C#, java or ruby
  • Higher customer satisfaction rate, increase in sales and customer loyalty.

Similarly, other open source solutions such as ERP and CRM are enabling both small and large companies in becoming more productive and efficient while reducing costs by upto 80%. Companies such as Toyota, Danone, Hyundai and Singer have already adopted Odoo ERP which is an opensource business management solution that comes with over 4500 business modules. Large companies are adopting Odoo over other proprietary ERP solutions such as SAP and Oracle because it is license free, flexible open architecture and low cost of implementation. Other benefits include:

  • Open source so it can be customized quickly and at 80% lower costs.
  • License free, so no annual expenditure on licenses.
  • Lower cost of implementation.
  • Over 4500 business modules for every type of industry.
  • Mobile ready so business owners can have access to the information anywhere, anytime.
  • Completely web based, so data and information can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Supports distributed business environment. You can connect multiple office or factory locations to one System and have a single window for managing all your business.
  • Costs as low as $9/user/month for implementation and you have a full-fledged ERP system ready for managing your business.
  • Provides complete analytics, reports and data so you can keep a track on your sales, bills, costs, production and finances.

You can also take advantage of Odoo ERP to cut costs, become more efficient as an enterprise, push your sales forward, have access to the insightful data, make better business decisions, automate business processes and keep a track of all your day-to-day business activities. Over 2 millions businesses are using Odoo because of its flexibility, open architecture and affordability.


Business environment is changing fast and the companies have to look for newer solutions and technologies that could enable them in maintaining a steady growth rate while keeping costs low for the survival. Companies must strategize on ‘how to adopt open source and cloud technologies’ for cost benefits and increasing efficiency.

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