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How an exceptional customer service can boost your ecommerce business

Consulting firm Fifth Quadrant’s research report revealed that 71% of online customers still prefer to make a purchase or transact on the websites where Phone Support is available. Research also suggested that talking over the phone to a customer support executive gives a sense of personal service to the customers and they like to return.

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Ecommerce websites have transformed our lives and opened the doors of tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. Entrepreneurs who understood the value of customer service survived in the highly competitive marketplace, while others couldn’t survive because ultimately resolving customer issues quickly is the key to retain customers and build loyalty.

You value your customers – they stick to your brand/service

Most of the entrepreneurs don’t realize that providing an exceptional customer service for ecommerce business is essential to surpass the competition. Instead, they concentrate on other aspects such as building a better looking website, delivery service and adding new product line, of course all these help improve sales but you lose the ecommerce battle ignoring customer service for your ecommerce site.

Imagine a scenario where multiple vendor/companies offer the same product and all claim to be better than one another. As a consumer what would you do? Your purchasing decision would be based on many factors such as company’s brand name, pricing but most importantly you’d consider warranty and after sales support. As an informed consumer you would make a purchase from the vendor who provided an after sales support number.

The above scenario proves the fact that consumers stick to the brands/companies that provide support numbers, after sales service support and promise a hassle free customer service experience.

The art of selling customer service to customers and not just products – ways to build an exceptional customer service for ecommerce business

  • The most important factor that helps you build a loyal customer base is through direct communication channel for which phone support is the best option. Phone support gives a sense of personal touch to the customers.
  • Don’t ignore communication with your customers; having real-time chat option improves engagement with your customers and chances of making a purchase.
  • Always ask for feedback, it hardly matters if it is negative sometimes but customers value feedback and it helps you improve service.
  • Integrating Cloud IVR into your website enables phones support at very low cost and automates customer service by providing automated response to the customers when they call.
  • Provide various other contact options on the website along with the phone support such as support email, contact form and social feedback buttons.

Building an exceptional customer service for ecommerce site may not be the focus area for most of the companies but it definitely helps in building a loyal customer base that yields long-term results.  However it’s not an overnight job for ecommerce businesses to build a compelling customer service but proper analysis of the feedbacks, site data and web analytics can surely help companies in laying foundations for providing a great customer service experience.



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