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How a custom Odoo ERP module and IVR integration enables business growth by increasing customer satisfaction rate?

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Odoo is the world’s most widely used open source suite of business management software applications that is currently in use by over 2 million small and large businesses worldwide. Some of the world’s top companies such as Toyota, Hyundai, Danone and Singer to name a few have adopted Odoo for its cost benefits, open architecture, flexibility and easy modules customization features. It supports distributed business environment, databases and comes with over 4500 modules that support almost every industry and business.

Custom Module Odoo ERP

IVR software (interactive voice response system) enables companies to provide information to the consumers over the phone when they dial the support number. It is not a new technology but it has changed a lot over the years and from traditional phone lines it has moved onto the cloud. Today, almost every company is using IVR to provide automated response to the customers over the phone whether it is related to their credit card, bank account info, order related, shipping information, account information or any other information related to the customers. IVR is a proven technology to satisfy customers, save time and costs while keeping customers happy.

Since, Odoo is based on open source architecture written in Python and runs on a PostgreSQL database, it allows to build and integrate an IVR software to provide automated and quick response to the customers making inbound calls to the company for support and can also equip the customer support agents with all the customer related information to handle the customer calls in a better way.

How Odoo can be integrated with an IVR software to provide automated customer support?

Odoo allows modules customization as per the business requirements and processes. Information stored in the CRM app, sales module or every other information related to the customers that is stored in the database can be easily provided to the customers over the phone when they call by integrating VOICE APIs provided by the Twilio Cloud platform. Twilio allows building and integrating IVR system into the Odoo ERP thereby making it more advanced and customer-centric ERP software for the enterprises.

Let’s take an example of an ecommerce company that is running Odoo and how it can integrate a custom built IVR software based on Twilio platform to automate customer support at 70% lower cost:

  • Company signs up for a free Twilio account and get a Twilio phone number for as low as $1 and the number’s Voice URL is set to handle-incoming-call.xml When the customer makes a call to that number, Twilio makes a web request to the Odoo custom module for instructions on how to handle the incoming call.
  • The custom Odoo module responds to the Twilio’s request using Say and Gather verbs. The response instructs Twilio platform to prompt the customer to provide an input using the dial pad or touch pad.


  • Suppose the customer pushes digit 3 from the dial or touch pad. The input is then sent to the ERP as an HTTP request.
  • The ERP parses the request and sends back the response to the customer reading from the database and customer is satisfied automatically to know about the status of his/her package.

As we can see from the above example the entire process of providing automated customer support is pretty smooth and robust. Twilio + Odoo module customization for CRM, Sales and customer support departments can do wonders for small as well as large businesses.

Companies can take advantage of the scalable Cloud infrastructure offered by Twilio and Odoo ERP together offers limitless possibilities for businesses such as Ecommerce, logistics, Retail stores and Travel companies. It costs 80% less compared to a traditional phone line or phone support system built on expensive hardware. With Cloud IVR software integrated to Odoo apps you can achieve higher customer satisfaction rate in no time, increase sales and operate like a large company. You can have simple integrations from anywhere $1500 – $3000, while more complex systems may cost more based on the requirements.

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