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Guide to setup a website for small business that generates leads for revenue

guide to setup a website

A guide for Small Business Owners to setup a website that generates leads & regular income

As a small business owner or an individual you may not be tech savvy, have no idea how to setup your website and get your business online to reach a wider customer base. This is what we all go through when we run a small business. The fact is that we know that there’s a huge potential if we can get our business online but due the lack of technical knowledge and understand about how things work online, we just keep ignoring it.

Some of us also had bad experiences in the past of outsourcing our website design task and marketing to a freelancer or an agency that does not deliver any results as per the expectations compared to what we had spent and therefore we do not want to get into all that anymore. But that’s not the case anymore!

Nowadays there are many DIY (do-it-yourself) services available online such as wix.com and impress.ly that allow you to design your own website without any technical knowledge. You simply have to drag and drop the text, images and choose the form files for your contact us page and you are done with your all new business website or blog. However, there are some disadvantages of these services such as:

  • They are time consuming and you lose focus on your daily business.
  • You have to choose from pre-designed templates and images.
  • The same template might be in use by other websites also.
  • You have to purchase a premium plan to setup your custom domain name, get access to SEO features and add more pages beyond a set limit in a free plan.
  • You have to write content for the pages yourself which is time consuming and may not be SEO friendly.

The other most suitable option that you have available nowadays is to have your Free Website designed by a CLOUD services company such as ADVANTON Inc., USA that specialize in small business website design for free and provide free online marketing program for 100% revenue generation. These companies have simple process to get you started, provide you with a custom website design that is SEO friendly, with all the content written for the pages and they ensure that your website works for your business by generating leads and income. They have a small monthly fee of $5 – $10 for the CLOUD platform usage. Everything else is always free!

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What you should keep in mind as a small business owner for your new website?

Your website is your identity and it can make or break your business. There are small businesses that generate thousands of dollars in sales every month by reaching new customers online and there are over 70% small business websites that keep sleeping and no revenue is generated ever.

Convey a clear message – So, the first thing to keep in mind is that your website must complement the nature of your business and it clearly conveys your message to the customers. Whether it’s the look and feel or the content on the pages or the contact form, everything should be clear, simple and beautiful for the visitors. In simple terms, you have to convey your story to your website visitors and customers because that’s the first step towards branding your business and making connection with your customers.

Designing a Logo – The most successful companies in the world have the most memorable logos. Take the example of Apple, Google, McDonalds, KFC, Ford, Nike, ebay and Amazon, all have amazing logos that tells customers the brand story. Even if you are a small business, it is essential to have a great looking logo for your customers to remember your name, your brand.

Graphics and Images – It is always a good idea to have a cleaner looking website with minimal images and graphics design. Too much graphics and images distracts users and also makes your website heavy that slows it down.

Include essential pages in the main Menu – Pages such as Homepage, About Us, Services, Products, Contact Us must always be in the main menu so, that your website visitors can easily navigate through your website pages and find the relevant information.

  • Homepage is like leaving a first impression on someone and it can make or break the deal with your website visitors. It must be clean, must carry your message and displays text with minimal graphics as too many graphics & images are obviously distracting for the users. If you are not sure about the homepage simple use your tagline or a quote.
  • About us page is about telling your customers who you are. Telling your story about how you got started, sharing your mission statement and your USP is a always great idea to connect with your customers. It is always a good idea to have your picture on the About us page as it brings a sense of trust among customers.
  • Services page should be clear, concise and must provide clear information about the services that you provide and how you services are different from other providers. If you are a dentist, tax consultant, doctor or in any other industry that needs appointments then having a simple form to book appointments is always a great idea.
  • Products page is all about displaying your products beautifully with clear descriptions about each product. If you offer products that have dimensions such as height, width and weight don’t forget to mention them as product specifications. You have to be as precise as possible because visitors can’t touch or ask anyone about the product on your website and so each product must be clearly presented on the page.
  • Contact us page is one of the most essential elements of your website as it carries your address and tells your visitors how they can reach you. It is important that you have a clear and simple contact us form along with your email and address clearly mentioned on the page. If you can add your contact info in the header and footer of your website then it makes it even simpler for your customers to reach you.

Feeling Motivated? You too can setup your website for free with Advanton Inc. CLOUD service that has all the necessary ingredients for generating guaranteed $1000 – $10,000 every month. We help over 10,000 small businesses in over 160 countries every month to generate leads through their website and get inquiry calls for their services. 

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