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Cost of ERP software for small and medium companies

Most of the small and mid-sized enterprises consider managing business processes using multiple software because, of the myth that ERP software would be heavy on their pockets. It’s indeed a myth!

ODOO $9/user/month – Your Private CLOUD – Full Customization as required

World is getting open and so does the software community around the world. There are a number of opensource ERP software available for free that are large, fully equipped with over 4000 business modules and doesn’t require any licenses as compared to proprietary softwares from large vendors.

Odoo ERP (previously – openERP) is one such opensource software for small to large enterprises. It is license free, loaded with over 2500 business modules, mobile ready, web based, can be implemented in a distributed environment or across multiple business locations and doesn’t cost much when it comes to implementation & customization.

Cost of ERP software

It is an ideal solution for Manufacturing enterprises that doesn’t have large budget but want a software that can integrate business processes, save costs, accessible anytime using the internet and can be implemented quickly.

What advantages does Odoo have over other proprietary software from large vendors?

  • Opensource architecture, modules customization are quick and license free.
  • Completely web based and mobile friendly so information and data can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Low cost of implementation and customization
  • Integrated business processes and departments on single software
  • One single system for multiple office locations
  • High-end analytics and business reporting modules
  • Maximum ROI from day one

Large enterprises such as Singer, Danone, Toyota, Neotel are running Odoo because they recognize the fact that opensource is cheaper, more flexible, agile and offers cost savings of upto70% compared to proprietary software.

Small and mid-sized enterprises too can take advantage of software that is now in use by over 2 million businesses worldwide.

Open up your world with an ERP that is built to scale, save cost, bring transparency in business, flexible and is not heavy on your pocket.

Choosing ADVANTON as your partner you can also take advantage of Odoo implementation & customization for $9/user/month in the CLOUD. We work with some of the leading companies across the world and have 50+ notable clients in 30 countries.

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