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We have compiled a list of most common Frequently Asked Questions to help address some of your concerns.

Why we chose you as our IT/Software partner?
a) Our experience, skills and domain expertise that we bring to the table gives you an edge over your competition.
b) We guarantee project success and deliver on time and within budget each time and every time.
c) We go beyond contract terms and service level agreements when it comes to providing support or services whether you are a first time client or an existing one.
d) We are governed by values and managed by people who come from some of the world’s top institutions.
e) Our technical team brings over 15 years of experience in Enterprise Software and IT services.
f) Results Guaranteed and Maximum ROI.

What benefits do we get associating with your company?

Access to a pool of top consultants and engineers that ensure project success, top notch services delivery, highly agile development models, and competitive prices based on the size of the project, confidentiality of your concepts, project details and code. Above all we destroy your competition with our ideas, solutions and results.

I have a tight budget for a critical project and the deadline is also short, can you still consider it for implementation?

Over the years we have worked with some of the leading companies across the world and delivered mission critical projects under tight deadlines and budget. Our client list stands proof. We are always open to discussing projects that need to be delivered under tight deadlines and budget. But we don’t guarantee that we work on all projects, it depends on several factors, such as project requirements, allocation of technical resources, if the budget is too low, status of the existing application/code if any etc.

What quality of services can I expect and what about the budget?

When you work with us, you can be sure of one thing that, your project is in safe hands and people who have over 15 years of experience in technical & functional roles will work on the project. We ensure quality by following strict development lifecycle, periodic code reviews, beta releases and every project is approved by the assigned QA professional.


Budget varies for every project as every project is different in nature and requirements. We don’t do mediocre software engineering or IT work. We deliver top notch services, follow strict guidelines to maintain quality and guarantee results. We only work with clients that have a certain budget allocated for a project that they need implemented. We also consider other factors when deciding to accept a project such as client’s reputation, experience of the in-house team if any, standard of the existing software/application code if any, project’s importance for the client organization etc.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms vary based on the nature of the project but to give you a general idea:

Advance: 30%

First beta-release: 20%

Second beta-release: 20%

Final release: 30%

What about contracts and agreements?

We sign NDA’s in some cases if that’s a requirements by the client before sharing any type project details. After project detail reviews and requirements specification has been produced and approved by the client, a formal contract is prepared where both the parties are legally bound by contract terms & conditions under the US and Indian jurisdiction.

Can you provide references about your past projects and clients?

Yes, in some cases we can provide you solid references about our past projects but only in case of genuine enquiries and by signing a legal non-disclosure agreement. References can only be provided about the projects/clients with whom we do not have any formal NDA signed.

What all services, solutions you provide and what about your skill set?


  1. odoo ERP implementation, customization and training services to the mid-sized and large organizations across the globe.
  2. Customer Engagement & Acquisition solution based on the Mobile Augmented Reality technology to the Retailers, ecommerce and FMCG companies.
  3. Customer Engagement Solution to the Restaurants and food chains based on the Mobile Augmented Reality technology.
  4. Cloud IVR to the ecommerce portals/websites, logistics companies and to all other industries that require an automated and robust customer support system without any hardware or phone lines.


  1. .NET development services, windows applications, C#, VBA, MS office Macros/add-ins and MS SQL development, SSRS.
  2. Data warehouse implementation on MS SQL server 2012, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS
  3. Delhi programming for windows applications
  4. HADOOP implementation and support for big data analytics
  5. Oracle PL/SQL database development and support
  6. Customer-centric Augmented reality Mobile apps (cross platform and native)
  7. Python development, support and code migration
  8. IBM Lotus Domino development

Why should we trust you?

Good question! Our client list stands proof of our work and our commitment towards their success. Over 20 published case studies of large clients that explain how our solutions solved real business problems of our clients. Passionate and experienced management that comes with degrees from world’s top engineering institutions. 100+ successful projects, over 15 years of experience across diverse industry verticals and a talent pool of over 500 consultants & engineers that together guarantee top results.

Ok, everything is clear but we would like to do a Pilot project first, is it possible?

Yes, we welcome you to try our services and start with the Pilot project. It helps us in demonstrating our capabilities and experience. But you must understand that pilots are not free and the cost is calculated based on the length of the Pilot project or what needs to be accomplished. Generally, pilot projects are of 2 to 4 weeks in duration and our success rate in continuing the relationships post pilot projects is over 91%. 



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