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Freight Booking and Tracking iPhone App development for a Logistics Company in Dubai

The Client

A Logistics company with a fleet of over 150 trucks that offers transport solutions to the consumer durables industry across Middle Eastern Region

Business Challenge

Our Client operates a fleet of over 150 trucks across Middle Eastern region with its main location in Dubai. The company was facing challenges related to the real-time access to the information that was available in a web based fleet management system that company was using to manage its fleets and insurance. Company wanted a mobile enabled solution on ios platform that can be used by its staff members, logistics managers and the vehicle drivers to assign, book and track the consignments in real-time.

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With the help of the mobile app company wanted to enable its network freight booking offices to update the consignments details instantly and that information is stored in a centralized ERP system. So the mobile app was required to be integrated with the ERP system as well with the Fleet Management System. The project was complex to due to the integrations into two different software systems for information exchange.

The Solution

Advanton Inc. decided to send its technical team of 3 members at the client’s location to understand the client’s existing business processes and also to analyze the existing ERP and Fleet management system that require iphone app integrations. After a thorough analysis our team prepared refined requirements document that also highlighted the risks and challenges involved in the implementation of the project. Our Python development team then started with the development of the bridge application that can interact with the ERP system’s database and the iphone to exchange information related to the freight bookings and shipments and 2 developers worked on the iphone app development.

The other challenge was to integrate the new iphone app with the Fleet management system so that vehicle drivers can update the consignments pick up and drop receipts in real-time. Our team built extensions into the bridge ERP application that interacted with the iphone app and using the Fleet Management System APIs we integrated the iphone app and utilized a common DB for information storage and retrieval.

The new iphone app enabled the consignment booking staff to update the consignment details into the system in real-time at the time of booking, it enabled the customers to track their consignments using the tracking ids, it allowed updating the shipment details in real-time, assign fleet numbers and allowed fleet drivers to update the pickup and drop receipts in real-time at the location.


iPhone SDK 3.1.2, Cocoa Touch, HTTP/XML, SQLite, Python, PostgreSQL

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