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ODOO ERP Solutions for Free in the CLOUD by ADVANTON Inc. – Take control of your business

Customized ODOO Solutions – Your Private CLOUD – Pay just $9/user/month

As a small business owner you have lots to do on a daily basis and all by yourself. From managing Sales to accounting to managing finances and you feel overwhelmed. At Advanton Inc. we understand the challenges and problems of small business owners and that’s why our dedicated small business units arm has launched a fully automated ODOO ERP CLOUD solution that enables you to automate your Sales activities, manage your inventory & warehouse, ecommerce store setup, HR processes automation, accounting automation and much more for just $9/user/month.

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You can focus on your core business activities while ODOO ERP takes care of your day-to-day business processes and provides insightful reports to help you make better decisions. Whether you are into manufacturing business, trading, transport, logistics, and restaurant or own a small shop, ODOO ERP has apps that complement nature of business.

What is ODOO ERP and how much does it cost?

ODOO is the world’s most widely used business management software currently in use by over 2 million small and mid-sized businesses. It offers apps such as Sales CRM, ecommerce store enablement, Human Resources & payroll processing, Accounting, Fleet Management, Point of Sale, complete Shop & Restaurant Management, Manufacturing process automation, inventory & warehouse management and over 2000 other modules.

Advanton Inc. offers Free ODOO implementation & customization services to meet your unique business needs and all you have to pay is $9/user/month for upto 10 users. Advanton Inc. is a CLOUD software company that enables small business owners to take advantage of the most cutting-edge software solutions in the CLOUD. We don’t charge anything for implementation & customizations, all our customers pay is just $9/month for using our CLOUD infrastructure.

Our customers include over 50 most renowned companies in the worlds and they rely on our CLOUD solutions for running and managing their business processes.

Why we do it for free?

Advaton Inc. has a longterm vision of enabling every small business owner to harness the power of CLOUD computing for maximizing their growth potential. We are not profitable yet but over 2000+ business owners use our CLOUD infrastructure to run their applications and manage their operations.

You can start with your 7 Days free Trial of ODOO ERP in your Private CLOUD by Advanton Inc. and move on to a monthly subscription of $9/user/month and we provide you with a fully customized solution based on your unique business needs.

ODOO ERP customers

Call: US +1(205)624 7254 | Europe +44(203)514 3291 or leave us a message, one of our client relationship manager will be in touch with you shortly. Start your ODOO in the CLOUD journey for free today and realize your full potential.


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