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ERP for SMEs – it shouldn’t be so expensive and complex

Small and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of the US economy, they generate over 65% of new private sector jobs and employ over 50% of private sector employees.

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As per the data 96.5 percent of manufacturing exporters are small and medium enterprises and they contribute over 19.1 percent of the total $839 billion in exports. Similarly, 93.5 percent of manufacturing importers are small and medium enterprises and they accounted for over 13.4 percent of the total $914 billion in imports.

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SMEs have their own business challenges, specific requirements and needs and due to their tight budgets they cannot sometimes afford expensive proprietary ERP software from large vendors.

Since, SMEs play a vital role in boosting the economy by creating more jobs and generating revenues it is important to enable SMEs technologically so they become more efficient and profitable. At ADVANTON Inc. we believe that SMEs are the backbone of every nation and so we deliver most affordable and technologically advanced ERP software to the SMEs.

We are committed to implement and bring the best of the ERP features compared to the leading ERP from large vendors for as low as $5000. And we are keeping our promises as we’ve implemented Odoo for over 100 clients across 30 countries out of which 50+ are global companies.

Odoo business management suite is used by over 2 million businesses including large and small due to its most advanced features, cost effectiveness and efficiency. Global companies such as Toyota, Singer, Hyundai and Danone are running Odoo for complete business automation. Odoo is more than an ERP software, it has over 4500 business modules to support every kind of business and every type of business process. With its powerful payroll and accounting modules that supports local and federal taxes in over 180 countries, Odoo is the most powerful ERP software on the earth.

At ADVANTON Inc. our mission is to enable not only large companies but also smaller and mid-sized enterprises by delivering most technologically advanced solutions that drive growth and profits for the SMEs.

ERP for small companies

Call us on +1(205)624 7254 or leave us a message and our client associate will in touch with you shortly. Odoo ERP is the world’s most widely used business management software which is used by over 2 millions businesses including Toyota, Hyundai, Singer and Danone.


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